Capital Criminals

I was thrust into The Hunger Games with nothing but Gale’s older brother and my dead mother’s necklace. I’m 13 and am tiny and weak(ish), I’m going to die. I know I’m going to die. I wish I could just have said good-bye to Peeta… he was very kind to me… I guess he was lucky that he caught ammonia… didn’t have to see me walk up to my death… But I’m leaving District 12 and heading straight to The Hunger Games, where I’ll have to kill to survive. I’m so sorry District 12… for everything.


1. Shit. shit. shit. shit.

“Ayra Darkling.” I sat dumbfounded staring at Effie Trinket and the crowd around me. No one me my glances… no one was going to help me…

“Ayra Darkling?” Effie asked again

I stepped forward and the crowd parted for me not looking me in the eye.

“Ah there you are!” Effie chirped and I stared blankly at the crowd of people, all from District 12 of course.

I zoned out for the next part… I was going into The Hunger Games… I was going to have to kill or be killed…

When my eyes unglazed Effie was calling out another name.

“Gale Hawthorne.”

I stared at Gale and his older brother sauntered out.

“I Ashwin Hawthorne volunteer to take my brothers place.” He said with an unnatural casualty

Gale grabbed his elbow and hissed something in his brother’s ear angrily. Ashwin shook him off, and murmured something back lightly kissing his younger siblings head before standing beside me… he looked to be the last age you could go into the games… unless you went into the Quarter Quell of course… thank god I wasn’t going into The Quarter Quell…

Time jump…

I have 30 minutes until I get on the train… And sitting in a room in The Justice Building is not how I want to spend it but, who gives a shit what I want am I right? No one was going to visit me anyway… Both my parents are dead… Peeta would but he’s sick in bed with ammonia…

I got up and started pacing. I needed to clear my head and get a plan together. At the moment there were two main routes… Go in as a lone wolf or get a pack.

I had a better chance of living if I got a group together. Start there… okay try to get Ashwin in your group… dammit I don’t know any other tributes…

“Ayra…” I looked over to see Arcene standing there brushing her dark hair away from her silver eyes, which was why she was named Arcene it means silver…

“Yes that’s my name.”

“I-i… j-just wanted to say… sorry.”

“For what?”

“Everything… I really am… maybe if you get out of this we can be… friends?” She asked

If… If I lived.


She smiled weakly, her hands still fidgeting with her hair as a few Peacekeepers escorted her out.

I watched her leave in an almost predatory way. I was going to have to kill innocent people like me… Shit. Shit shit shit.

I continued to pace for roughly 18 minutes. Until finally the Peacekeepers came and took me to the train.

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