I wasn't a bad kid, not at all.
Then how did I end up in a prison like this?

Meet Ariel Love, a junior at Harrison High in Arizona. Normally a very pristine girl, she ends up having detention due to a small mistake, and meets Jay, a boy who'll change her life forever. The only problem is- she's afraid of heights.


1. Prep


The word stuck onto my tongue like poison, a forbidden fruit that wasn't as sweet as it looked. It slithered down my throat like a slimy snake and hung there, as if I couldn't swallow it. Which in terms I couldn't; I had never tasted a fruit as bitter or as disturbing.

"Maybe it'll be like the Breakfast Club," my best friend, Brenda, told me in an effort to make me feel better. "Ya know, a hot guy in there or something." "Like who?" I asked, throwing myself back on my bed. I had been sobbing, black rivers staining my cheeks. "I don't know, Jay-" Brenda started, standing up to pick up her purse from the desk. "Jay isn't hot," I responded defensivley. "He's a pothead and should be in jail. I don't know how he got out." I wiped my cheeks and stared at my black ceiling, the neon stars glowing in the dim light. From behind me Brenda scoffed, and dug through her purse looking for her cell phone. "I have to get home," she sighed, glancing out my blinds. "My mom's gonna kill me if I'm late again." She began walking to the door, iPhone in hand, when I called out to her, "Text me later." She waved her hand to me signaling she would, then left my room, talking in Korean to her mom over the phone. I groaned and rolled over on my stomach, searching for my own cell phone. "Hey sweetheart," I heard my mom say from the doorway. I looked over at her and sighed, turning back to my phone. "How are you?" "Fine," I grumbled, ignoring her. "Ariel look at me when I'm talking to you," she said, her voice catching a strict tone. I sat up and looked at her, her own blue eyes filled with tears. "How could you let this happen?" My eyes drifted to my comforter as my eyes gathered tears. "It was an accident mom," I whispered. "I was late by accident again. I'm really sor-"

"Why were you late?" she demanded, cutting me off. "My locker was jammed and I needed to use the restroom-" "That's not a good excuse, Ariel Marie." I looked up at her, my tears of shame turning into tears of anger and hatred. "What is a good excuse to you, mom?" I asked her, my own voice sounding bitter. "Is there an excuse on this planet that would satisfy you?" I could see she was gritting her teeth, and for some reason it egged me on. "Please tell me if there is, just so next time I'm not-"

"Ariel Marie Love! You'd better watch your tongue little girl because I will have you punished until the day you die!" Her face was red with rage and I swore I could see dark steam coming out of her ears. She slammed my door before she stormed off downstairs, and I heard her bawling. An evil smile spread across my face before I thought to myself, "I cannot believe my dad married that after Laura."

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