Hollis Weasley

Molly Weasley found a baby girl on her door step, attached to the baby was a letter stating that she was 2 and her name was Hollis. Hollis is fascinated by Severus Snape her potions teacher, and wants to become his apprentice but finds it difficult to concentrate in his class.


8. The plan

                Hollis buried her head beneath her blankets, she was freaking out, she liked Snape, an old man that everyone else hated, and its not as if he was your typical ‘attractive male’ he was different. ‘I need to stop’ she thought ‘what the hell Hollis, he is the greasy old git from the dungeon and he is like 33’ all of a sudden everything was bright. Ginny had ripped the blankets off of her “what the hell, go away” Hollis yelled and then pulled the covers back over her head, Hollis heard Ginny grunt and call her a bad word and then walk away. Hollis pulled off her robes, the vial of aging potion fell onto the floor, Hollis looked back and forth and then picked it up, she put her pyjamas on and sat on her bed and looked at the vial. She jumped up, she had an idea, a horrible idea, but a good one, they would be going to Hogsmeade this weekend so everyone would be out of the castle. She was filling with butterflies ‘I am going to do this’ she thought, just then Ginny walked back in, Hollis jumped back and screamed “holy, it’s just me” Ginny said. Hollis hugged her “sorry for yelling at you” she said, Ginny shoved her over “yeah, yeah” Hollis looked at Ginny, she had to tell Ginny, it would be better to have someone to cover for her if someone asked where she was.

                Hollis got up slowly and sat next to her sister “Ginny, I am going to do something bad okay” she said Ginny looked at her nervously “what are you going to do?” Hollis took a deep breath “I am going to drink this on the weekend and go to the pub” she said. Ginny looked surprised “why?” Ginny asked, Hollis frowned at herself “I want to talk to Snape, I think you were right, I really like him” she said. Ginny’s jaw dropped “you little perv, you want to do it with Snape!” Ginny said “that is so disgusting Holl, you are 11, he is like old, and even if you are old, you will still know you are young, and I will too. I will never be able to look at you again without vomiting” Hollis punched her sister in  the arm “I don’t want to ‘do’ him idiot, I just want to talk to him” she said. Ginny was cringing “why would you tell me that, what is wrong with you, sometimes I question if we are even related” Ginny said “ I am going to have nightmares for months”. Hollis punched Ginny again “if anyone asks you where I am you need to cover okay” Hollis said “and you can’t tell anyone what I am doing” in some aspects Hollis was very mature for her age, if you didn’t know her age you would assume she was about fifteen Ginny frowned “fine weirdo”.



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