Hollis Weasley

Molly Weasley found a baby girl on her door step, attached to the baby was a letter stating that she was 2 and her name was Hollis. Hollis is fascinated by Severus Snape her potions teacher, and wants to become his apprentice but finds it difficult to concentrate in his class.


3. Potions

The next morning was classes, first was potions with the Ravenclaw's Hollis and Ginny got a seat at the back with a blonde Ravenclaw named Luna Lovegood, also known as loony Luna. “Hello” Luna said to Hollis and Ginny, her voice made Hollis think of clouds, just floating airily “Hi, I’m-” “Hollis Weasley” Luna finished “yeah” Hollis answered. Snape walked into the classroom, his robes swished behind him as he walked, Hollis immediately stopped talking and watched him. He was so graceful Hollis thought, he just sort of glided, he began talking, his voice was cold and he sounded as if he were bored already it was fascinating how he could just keep one facial expression the whole class. Ginny watched Hollis staring at Snape “what the hell” Ginny said but Hollis didn’t hear her she just couldn’t stop looking at Snape, he looked so elegant “Hollis” Ginny said elbowing her in the ribs. Hollis jumped up “Oi!” she yelled the class looked at her “is there something you would like to share with us Miss. Weasley” Hollis wasn’t listening to what he was saying “right” she said absent mindedly. Snape rolled his eyes “are you listening Miss. Weasley?” he asked, his voice was just so monotone, but it was so smooth as well “I agree” she said, still not listening to him properly “10 points from Gryffindor, and detention tonight for you Miss. Weasley, and you too Miss. Weasley for elbowing your sister”. When Hollis sat down Ginny glared at her “what is wrong with you?” she asked “sorry” Hollis said as she and Snape made eye contact again, he was glaring at her, though the rest of his face seemed to be casual.

When everyone when back to the common room after dinner Hollis, Hermione, and Ginny were sitting together in comfy arm chairs “how were your first classes?” Hermione asked. Ginny scowled “well little Miss. Stupid over here got us both detentions for 8:00 and lost Gryffindor 10 points” Hollis rolled her eyes “it’s not that bad, it’s only 10 points” she said. For a moment it was quiet “Hollis, do you have a crush on Snape or something?” Ginny asked Hollis furrowed her brow “no why?” she replied “oh I don’t know, maybe because you spent all class just staring at him, and stare at him during meals and can’t seem to talk like a normal person around him” Ginny said. Hermione looked strangely at Hollis “you don’t do you? Do you need me to take you to Madame Pomfrey?” Hermione said, Hollis threw a pillow at her “no I don’t like him, I just find him fascinating to watch” Hermione and Ginny looked at each other. Ginny raised her eyebrows at Hollis “because that’s not weird” Ginny said laughing a little “you are only 11, he is like 50” Ginny said jokingly “he is only 32” she corrected “how do you know that?” Ginny asked looking oddly at her sister “I am just smart” she said, getting out of her chair and walking up to her dorm, she lay down and was asleep immediately.   

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