Hollis Weasley

Molly Weasley found a baby girl on her door step, attached to the baby was a letter stating that she was 2 and her name was Hollis. Hollis is fascinated by Severus Snape her potions teacher, and wants to become his apprentice but finds it difficult to concentrate in his class.


11. N... not what you would expect...

                “N stands for Narcissa, Narcissa Malfoy, she is your older sister. You are not actually 11, you are 30, you had a curse put on you that turns you into a child and erases the memories of your previous life. The curse can only be broken by true loves kiss” he said. Hollis’ jaw dropped “you knew it was me then” she said “in the hogshead” he smiled, well as much as Snape possibly could without actually looking happy “yes” he said. “You broke down the other day because your memories were coming back to you and it was overloading your mind, and your body was returning to its original adult state” he said, Hollis looked down at herself, she looked just as she did in the bathroom in the café “I was your apprentice” she said “we…” she looked at him, her mind was going in circles, she was starting to remember things that had happened “I AM A DEATH EATER” she screamed. Snape put his hand over her mouth “yes” he said Hollis remembered torturing and killing muggles. Her mind was flooded with memories, now she could see Snape and herself sitting together on a bench in what looked to be an abandoned park, they were talking about their plans to leave the dark lord, then she and Snape were talking to Dumbledore and having him accept them, then she couldn’t remember anything else.

                She looked at Snape, she was remembering everything, her early childhood, she could remember her mum being pregnant “who cursed me?” she asked Snape looked sorry “we do not know”. Hollis sat for at least an hour just remembering things “HOLY SHIT” she said, Snape looked at her “no, no, no wait” she continued. Hollis stared at Snape “you love me” she said, she could remember everything so vividly, she could remember their first kiss and she could remember everything she had felt towards him, she started crying. She hugged Snape “I am going to kill him” she said “whoever put this fucking curse on me, he is going to pay” she said hugging him really tightly. The next moment her family walked back in “mum, dad” she said, Ginny, Fred, George, Ron, and Percy were staring at her, mouths wide open, they hadn’t seen Hollis since earlier that day, and she had obviously not been her grown up self then. “I am sorry for yelling at you, you… I love you guys” she said “Hollis?” Ginny said “why did you take another aging potion?” Hollis frowned “I have a lot to tell you Gin” she said.

                Hollis told them everything she could remember about her life before they found her, everyone was shocked. None of them said anything, next thing the Malfoys walked in “Holly” Narcissa said, she ran up and gave her a hug “I missed you” she said, Hollis hugged her back “hey Lucy” she said as she gave Lucius a hug “do not call me that” he said “oh Lucy, you haven’t changed”. The Weasleys were staring at them “you obviously know each other” she said, Lucius and Arthur were glaring at each other “well families, you better get to like each other” she said. Lucius frowned at her “you are not going to call these people your family still are you?” he said with a sound of disgust in his voice, Hollis punched him lightly in the arm “come one Lucy, I am sure you will love being family with the Weasleys, they are very nice” Arthur was frowning to “Oh come on dad, you will end up being best friends” she said, she was laughing, she knew that would never happen. They all talked for a long time, Hollis sat next to Snape, all the kids were cringing at the fact that they were holding hands “you are in love with him. He is a death eater Holl” George said, forgetting Snape was right there “not to mention a bastard” Fred added “thank you” Snape said. The boys went red “They are just shocked” Molly said “well what are you going to do?” Ginny said angrily “what do you mean?” Hollis asked “are you going to live with them now, and forget about us?”. Hollis hugged Ginny “you are my sister Gin, I love you, and I believe that I was living with Severus” she said “ew” Ron said, Hollis laughed “shut up Ron”.


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