Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


18. zayns, pov

It's been about two months since Britt gave birth to Olivia. And Olivia can finally come home today.

Zayns pov!!!!

I was putting the car seat in my range rover. As Britt walked out with Olivia.

Me: good morning sunshine. I said as i gave Britt a kiss on her lips.

Britt: we have to finish talking about last night.

Me: no babe, i want to quit the band and stop going to shows and things. I have my family to think about now!

Britt: stop zayn you cant break the contract!

Me: oh my, can we not argue please. I already have enough going on! I yelled

Britt: dont yell at me! All we have been doing is fighting since yesterday!!

Me: all because i want to quit?

Britt: yes Beacuse the tour is over and you still want to quit.

Me: yeah whatever, anyways i got paul to move our crib back to my house. And our clothes.

Britt: yeah whatever thanks. She mumbled while putting Olivia in the car.

We drove in silence all the way home.

Once i pulled up to my house that we haven't been in for four months i quickly said

Me: I'm sorry okay I just want to be with you forever. Okay?

Britt: i know zayn but, you cant just throw your life away for us.

Me: but my life is with you! And i love you!

I could hear the waves crashing behind our house.

Britt: and i love you.! . C'mon let's go inside so i can put Olivia down.

I helped her grab Olivia before going inside.

I quickly rushed to Olivia's room, to make sure her diapers and everything was in her room. And sure enough they were. I decided to grab Olivia from Britt, so she could rest a bit.

Olivia's hair is slowly turning a bit more brown and her eyes are hazel just like mine. She was beautiful. I quickly laid her down in her crib, since she was already sleeping i shut her door a bit. And went downstairs.

I looked around the house for Britt, but i found her outside on the porch staring into the ocean.

When she looked back at me her eyes were soaked with her own tears.

Me: Britt, whats wrong?

Britt: i cant let you just throw your life away, okay i love you with all my heart. I do. But you need to stay in one direction. I feel like I'm ruining your life. Now you cant be young and stuff cause you have a daughter. I just dont know anymore. She cried even harder.

My heart was aching, just seeing her cry like that. She never ruined my life.

I quickly ran the pad of my thumb under her eyes.

Me: you know you never ruined my life. I love you, and I'll stay right by your side.

With that i gave her kiss.

We both ran inside and she started cooking diner.

After the cooking was done we sat down and i said

Me: i wont quit one direction. I saw her lips curve into a big smile.

Britt: okay. She smiled.

And then Olivia started crying.

We both dropped our forks and stood up. I went upstairs while Britt made a bottle.

Me: hey baby, whats wrong i asked while rocking her. Is your diaper full?

Britt: here give me her. Your phone is ringing.

I went to my phone and answered.

Me: hello?

My mom: hey zayn, how's my Olivia?

Me: she's good britts feeding her now actually.

My mom: oh speaking of Britt, has she talked to her family?

Me: no not for a couple months now why?

My mom: i just think she needs her mothers support. What kind of mother just treats her own child like that?

Me: mother please i have a headache i lied. And hung up.

Britt: who was that?

Me: oh it was my mom.

Britt: oh. Anyways, um harry wants to hang out so i figured me and him can go to a cafe and drink hot chocalate since it's already winter again.

Zayn: is Olivia going?

Britt: yeah i was hoping.

Me: oh Beacuse if your leaving i want Olivia to stay with me until you come home?

Britt: um are you sure?

Me: yeah I'm sure, i just want you to have fun and walk around the city and stuff?

Britt: nah i mean i want to sty home today but i feel bad for telling harry no. What do i say?

Me: say yes, it's fine I'll be with liv.

In like 20 mintues harry showed up at the door and waited for Britt to be done.

*britt comes down*

Harry: okay ready? Let's go.

Brit: yeah. I'll be back in a few hours, kay? She said while give me a kiss..

As soon as they left i went up stairs with Olivia and put her in our bed. I laid down next to her and smiled. She was a beautiful baby. Soon i got text from louis.

Louis: drinks?

Me: sorry, watching liv

Louis: oh. Maybe we could chill another time.

I felt bad that i couldn't hang out with louis. I have a daughter and sometimes i want to drink and smoke a cigarette but i cant anymore. And some times it gets annoying but hey it's life.

Before i even knew it Britt was home, but it was already 8:30.

And when she came home she had tears in her eyes.

Me: babe? What happened?

Britt: did you go to see perrie when we were on a break??


Me: yeah but it was only because-

Britt: do you still love her?

I didnt answer because i couldn't believe she would ask that. And since i didnt answer she took it as a yes.

Britt: i guess thats a yes. Just tell me when thing zayn? Why would you let me fall in love?!

Me: i told her to leave me alone. She followed me to Florida and then to London. I dont love her!.

Britt: well thats not what she's saying. She's telling people you guys hooked up! She yelled and stormed up stairs.

I wanted to follow her but i knew she was pissed off.

I went upstairs and heard Britt crying from the bathroom.

Me: Britt open up. Nothing happened! Please your over reacting.

I heard a little click.

And se opened the door.

Britt: over re acting? I'm crying cause i dont know who to believe.! Now i look like a dumb ass, that got knocked up by pop star who cheated on me with his ex! She yelled.

Me: what are you talking about i didnt fucking sleep with her! And i haven't slept with anyone else these 10 months we have been together! Chill out! I yelled back!

Britt: you know what? I believe perrie! You did sleep with her and i hate you she cried!

Before i knew it. She grabbed a small bag and picked up Olivia and put her in the car seat. She made a quick bottle hoped back in her car and left.

She left with my child, do i know where no. But since she took the baby. I'll go out and have fun with the boys.

I called up louis and told him to bring the boys.

We met up at a place called TRIC it was huge but with all these people.

I was dancing and having fun but it just didnt feel the same without Britt. Maybe i should just go home and wait for her. I had harry drive me home since i had a couple of drinks. When i pulled in the house britts car was home. I was gone for only like an hour. When i walked in i noticed that Olivia was up stairs and Britt was just sitting there in the living room.

Me: are you done yet?

Britt: dont! She whispered.

Me: would you stop please. You know i would never do that i yelled. And Olivia started crying.

Britt walked up stairs and cradled her. She calmed down a bit.

Me: okay look, at me.

Britt: no she exclaimed.

Me: look at me!

She turned around and looked me. With tears in her eyes.

Me: I'm sorry i went to go see her. I only did it for you. I explained.

Before i was done she ran into my arms and cried her eyes out. I didnt know this caused her so much pain. I felt bad for her. I mean i was hurting too. Cause he left.

Me: I'm sorry.

Britt: i know.

I felt like crying too.

Britt let go and said she was going to bed. And i decided to join her.

I felt bad knowing that i caused this pain, in her chest and I'm the reason that

Her eyes are red and puffy.

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