Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


15. zayns pov

As soon as i saw britts eyes shut i knew she passed out. I carried her over to our bed and gently laid her down. I grabbed a small rag and ran warm water on it. After i was done i put it against her forehead.

It's now 4:30 and Britt still didnt wake up. I'm getting worried now. So i decide to wake her up.

Me: Britt baby? I said while shaking her.

There was no response.

Me: Britt. You have to wake up. I kept shaking her until i heard a soft whimper escape her lips.

Once she woke up she had blood shot eyes. And her make up was smeared a bit.

Britt: zayn?

Me: I'm right here.

Britt: i have a headache and i feel like im I'm all dirty, i need a shower

After he long shower she hopped out in yoga pants. And a sports bra. I decided that she needed to stop wearing yoga pants.

Me: um harry texted you while you were in the shower. I quickly said

Britt: can you read it to me?

Me: um sure. Do you have a password on it?

Britt: no I'm not hiding anything.

Me: okay he said hey love are and malik up for drinks tonight?

Britt: i dont want to but you can. I'll just invite nicki over.

Me: i dont want to leave you here.

Britt: its fine you guys haven't been together for Awhile. So go ahead.

I decide to show so i can get ready. To go out. I convinced Britt to come with me. Since she already was showered she was getting dressed. When i came out she was in a small black dressed that barely touched her mid thigh with tan high heels. And nude lip stick. She had her hair in braid wrapped around her perfect bun. With slight make up. She looked gorgeous! I wore a white t shirt that made my tattoos stand out with black jean and boots along with a leather jacket. I styles my hair up. And we were ready to go.

Me: wow you look gorgeous!

Britt: really thanks! She blushed.

Me: okay so were going out to dinner first then the club

Britt: okay so are the boys meeting up with us at the restaurant?

Me: um yeah.

I was driving to the restaurant and once we pulled up the boys and jack and Finn were already there. Britt greeted everyone, and she had to bend down to give everyone a hug.

Of course i looked for a little and i also noticed that Finn was too. I decided to let it go for now.

Harry: Malik! He exclaimed while he scooted over so i can sit there next to him.

And Britt had to sit next to Finn, she didn't seem like she minded it.


The music was blasting and i could smell the liquor as soon as i walked in.

We headed straight to the bar.

Britt wanted a vodka mixed with soda. Which wasn't too bad but then she started having straight vodka. I couldn't stop it.

She looked so sexy in that dress. Suddenly a good grinding song came on and Britt grabbed me. Before i knew it her hips were moving along with the beat!

I could tell Britt was already drunk, her eyes were glossy and her speech was slurred.

Britt: i want another drink! She yelled.

She pranced over to the bar and i saw her order a drink. She dropped her money and had to bend down to get her money and i saw a group of boys talking about her and one was now approaching her.

I walked up to where Britt was now trying to walk away.

Me: hey back up i yelled as i pushed him!

Guy: what you going to do?

Britt: babe cmon it's not worth it, he's not worth it.

As we were walking away the guy yelled

This isn't over!

I turned around and nodded my head, we decided to go home and leave the club.

When we got home i jumped into the shower. I felt gross and sweaty and it's already 2:30 in the morning. When i hopped out the shower Britt was already in bed sleeping with light snores escaping from her lips.

I turned down the lights and fell asleep along with the most beautiful girl in the world.


Britts pov.

I woke to find zayn sleeping next to me. I had the sudden feeling to go and throw up. I ran to the bathroom and my head was spinning again. Before i knew it i was asleep on the floor. But before that happened. I managed to turn on the sink to atleast try to brush my teeth.


When i woke up there was a doctor in the room and i realized that i wasn't home. I was in a hospital. Zayn quickly got up and came to my side.

Me: zayn? I tried but my voice cracked.

Zayn: baby it's okay, you fainted again and your admittied to the hospital.

Me: why whats wrong with me?

Zayn: we dont know yet. Thats why we have to stay the night im sorry i know you dont want to but I'll be here with you yeah?

Me: yeah. I'm really tired babe. I said while closing my eyes.

I woke up at 12:30 at night and zayn looked so uncomfortable so i woke him up and i made room for him and he laid down next to me. It was hard for me to sleep with out him, i laid my head down on his chest. His heart was beating pretty fast. I could tell he was scared for me. I decided to not worry myself too much and i fell into a deep sleep.


When i woke up it was 11:30. And zayn was still sleeping when the doctor came in and decided that i was ready for test first of course was an ultrasound. I woke up zayn and told him the plan.

The nurse was kind enough to take me to the ultrasound room and she also let zayn ride with me in the bed. Once we got to the room he sat down im the chair.

Nurse: this may be cold. She said while rubbing warm gel onto my not so flat stomach. I never noticed that i had a small bump now?

The nurse moved around the machine until she found a small black spot in the middle of the screen. Wait does this mean im pregnant?

Nurse: your pregnant, congrats.

Me: um how far along when i turned to look at zayn but he was asleep,

Nurse:he's been out for a couple mintues now she smirked at me.

Me: so how far along?

Nurse: your only a week along she replied

Me: i didnt know i was pregnant and i drank last night do you think the baby is effected?

Nurse: your still early in your pregnancy so i highly doubt it but you will have an appointment when your about two months so we can run test.

I felt relieve wash over me, once the nurse was done she woke up zayn and left the room she also left the picture of the baby on the screen.

Zayn: what did she say?

Me: zayn, I'm pregnant i replied with tears in my eyes.

He stares at me with an open mouth before he leans in and kisses me.

Once he pulled away he said

Zayn: i love you so much Britt.

Me: i love you zayn.

Zayn: no Britt I'm in love with you and i cant believe we have been together for only six months and i love you so much he said while rubbing my stomach

Me: i had no words for him so i just kissed him.


I was getting in the car with zayn and he stopped for food, i was really hungry so i got food too.we came home and i realized how much i missed it, what am i going to do when me and zayn go on tour?

Me and zayn sat down and started eating i couldn't help but giggle when i noticed he kept staring at me. After we done eating i was so full i had to lay down.

Me; when do you think we will tell the boys??

Britt: well i didnt even tell my mom yet we need to invite both of our family over.

Me: i mean you can tell harry if you want since you tell him everything. I replied.

Britt: yeah your right maybe we should just tell them all together when i start showing a little more?

Me: okay whatever you want or we could tell them on tour.

Britt: i dont know I'll figure it out. I guess, i still have to call my mom and dad and tell them so they can come and meet you.

Me: yeah that would be great, when do you think they will come?

Britt: i dont know honestly, maybe a week or this week end? She smiled.

Her smile is so beautiful our child is gonna be beautiful but then i remembered, i go on tour in less then a month or two.

Me: you know we go on tour in a couple months right?

Britt: yeah i know since my doctor is here i figured that i could stay here through my pregnancy, and I'll have nicki stay with me and after i find out what the baby is I'll meet you on tour??

Me: do you really want to do that?? I mean i just am going to miss you a lot baby. I admitted

Britt: im gonna miss you too babe, let's finish this talk in the morning.

I could tell she was tired so i let it slide.

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