Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


16. tour!

Britts pov.

Today is the day zayn goes on tour and leaves me for three months. He was now saying good bye to me and our little angels. My parents and his family

Already know. They were a little disappointed but overall they were really happy.

The boys all were putting their bags in the car. All the boys were giving me a hug and waiting for me and zayn to say bye and they were all watching

Zayn: i love you Britt face time me everyday and make sure you call every morning.

Me: i love you babe. Now kiss me i smiled.

After we pulled apart he bent down and kissed my stomach before whispering how much he already loves the baby.

All the boys jaw dropped.

Zayn: you guys are all uncles he laughed.

All the boys yelled in excitement. Harry grabbed me and swung me around. Before u knew it zayn was gone. I let a few tears fall before meeting Nicki inside the house.

Nicki: hey love dont cry im sleeping over for three months she giggled.

Me: i know I'm just gonna miss him.

Nicki: it's still early how about we walk around and stop by for some food or something.

Me: yeah I'm actually really hungry. I said

I hopped in the shower washed my hair and stuff and got out, it was a beautiful day out so i decided to look cute. I put on a deep burgundy skirt with a white rope and a jean jacket and black heels. I threw my hair in a messy bun but it looked perfect i did my make up and nicki took me to chiles.

I had a steak, baked potato, and a salad. After that i was pretty stuffed and we decided to walk around some more.

Nicki: so how many months are you?

Me: I'm only about 2 months i admitted.

Nicki: and you couldn't even tell me! She giggled.

Me: i wanted to keep it a surprise.

Nicki: yeah i understand, hey when you buy your ticket to fly to meet the boys can i go too?

Me: yeah sure, let me guess liam?

Nicki: yeah i really like him Britt.

Me: i can tell i laughed.

And then zayn called me.

Me: hey.

Zayn:babe, i miss you.

I could hear his emotion.

Me: i know we miss you too i laughed

Zayn: who are youu with? He questioned.

Me: no one just nicki why?

Zayn: just wondering,

I heard harry ask zayn who was he talking to and zayn said me and harry replied with a simple oh as if he was mad at me.

Me: babe i have to go Skype me later kay?

Zayn: love you too, and i promise i will

As soon as we hung up, i called harry. No answer, i called him again and no answer. Is he mad at me?

So i texted him.

Me: haz you okay?

Harry: yup I'm good listen ill talk to you later were stopping by club

Me: zayns going?



It's now 12:30 at night and zayn still didnt even call me or Skype me.

I'm beyond piss. Nicki stayed up with me and invited jack and Finn over.

We stayed up till 3 just hanging out and they crashed in my room with us.


I woke up and had to check twitter. And when i checked zayn and perrie were trending world wide.

Oh hell no there is pictures with him and her at the club.!!!!

Zayn would be pissed if he knew jack and Finn were with me.

I took a selfie with a sleeping Finn and tagged him on twitter the caption read" sleepover, had a great time.x" i knew zayn would be pissed but oh well...

Oh shit today's my appointment at the doctors i had to get ready. Wait where's nicki?

I grabbed a note that said " I'm working and i took your car love you.x

Great. Now i have no ride.

I woke up Finn.

Me: Finn can you take me somewhere? I begged.

Finn: yeah tell me when your ready. I didnt really bother getting dressed all nice. I put on gray yoga pants and cute pink shirt and uggs. It was snowing out just a bit so i put on a jacket too.

Me: okay let's go.

Once we arrived Finns face lost color.

Finn: wait your pregnant??

Me: yupp two months. Are you getting down or not?

Finn: yeah yeah.

It felt weird to not have zayn. I made Finn stay out of the waiting room.

Once the nurse pulled me back i started getting nervous what if the baby isn't okay?

I need zayn! So i facetimed him. He answered on the second ring.

Me: before you yell im at the doctors and I'm not aruging with you.

Zayn: okay, this is the ultra sound right?

Me: right.

Zayn: boys look come here.!

All the boys rushed to the screen and stared in awe as the baby appeared in the screen.

Nurse: your baby looks fine. Do you want a picture?

Me: yes please. I was so excited.

Nurse: you can find out the sex of the baby next month.

Zayn: wait your gonna be here early??

Me: yeah i guess so.

By this time we stopped face time and talked on the phone.

Zayn: whats wrong?

Me: i dont know the fact that you and perrie were out lastnight together.

Zayn: she came there out of no where i swear.

Me: well now i question if i meet you on your and I'm home while your clubbing with your ex and stuff and I'm stuck being pregnant alone.

There was no answer for a little bit.

Zayn: you know i would stay with you when you come meet us. I promise

Me: just like how you promised to skpye me and that never happened. Listen I'm not in the mood right now so text me tomorrow or something.

Zayn: your over reacting, I'm not flipping shit cause your with jack and Finn am i?

Me: its different your not the one with a baby in you and you need support are you?

Zayn: i need support too.

Me: isn't that why you have the boys?? I questioned as i got in the car with Finn i assume zayn heard the door close.

Zayn: where are you?

Me:Finn is driving me home. I replied so dry.

Zayn: seriously Britt.

Me: i didnt have a fucking ride unless you wanted me to walk my ass here?.

Zayn: I'm sorry Britt im really am. I love you.

Me: okay love you too and i have to go.

Zayn; wait watch us in the interview, at six the link is in my page in twitter.

Me: kay bye. I hung up before he did.



I was waiting to see zayns face, when i clicked in link it popped right up.

Interviewer: hey boys my first question is, is there a special someone in your life,

Zayn answered first.

Zayn:: there's a girl named Britt u been with her for 7 months now, and i love her.

Then harry

Harry: yeah i love Britt too as a friend, she tells me a lot and i tell her a lot too. Anyway i haven't talked to her since i left for tour but yeah.

All the other boys stayed quiet except liam.

Liam: well i have a crush.

Interviewer: and who might that be?

Liam: um Nicole well i call her nicki. But yeah she's beautiful. I mean i hope she likes me but i wont know till i get home from tour.

Interviewer: how sweet are you boys. So zayn, tell us more about Britt?

Zayn: well i mean she's beautiful i miss them a lot.

After zayn realized what he said he stopped talking.


After a couple hours he skyped me.

Zayn: baby i know your not mad anymore.

Me: I'm pissed off but mad? No i giggled i miss him so much and it's only been 2 weeks.

Zayn: well i mean we can talk about this in person in 2 weeks. Okay?

Me: yeah if course. Do you miss me?? I asked

Zayn hell yeh. I miss yiu so much. The boys miss you too. Harry missed you as much as he doesn't want to admit it.

Me: by what do yiu mean? I miss them too.

We spent hours talking before i fell asleep in Skype.


I woke up at 10:50 and i ran to the bathroom and threw up. Its moments like this where u need zayn.... I miss him so much i can wait just two weeks i can wait...

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