Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


4. one direction

I walked into the lobby of a amazing hotel.

Front desk: hello can I help you?

Me: yes I'm here for zayn Malik?

FD: name please

Me: Britt.

Fd: room 413 on the third floor.

Me:thank you i said politely now where's room 413

Zayn: psh Britt the room is over here.

Me: oh shit zayn you scared the living shit out of me.

Zayn: ha did i really? Anyways hi Britt he said while smiling and dragging me into the room.

Zayn: hey boys Britt is here.

Louis: damn Britt is it?

Me: yes..

Harry: hi nharry styles he said with the charming smile.

Me: i know but I'm Britt James.

Niall: hey Britt im niall

Liam: hey welcome welcome zayn didnt stop talking about you in the car.

Me: blushes

Zayn: thanks liam now shut up.

Louis: i want ice cream, he said while pouting like a three year old.

Liam: well room service can get it Lou calm down.

Lou: maybe i want it now! Britt do you want some food or something? Niall be a gentleman and get the girl some food

Me: I'm not really that hungry guys.

Zayn: are you scared to eat in front of us?

Me: a little bit.

Zayn: dont be scared niall eats like a pig, and we still love him.

Britt: fine I'll eat.

Harry: I'll cook some lasagna yeah?

Liam: so Britt are you fan?

Me: yeah i really am i love your songs.

Zayn: whats your favorite?

Me: little things, and does he know and little white lies.

Zayn; why those?

Me: they make me feel worth it, idk little things makes me feel perfect.

Zayn: well i think you I mean every girl is beautiful

Liam: nice save, and Britt how about here do you live?

Me: i live with my friend Nicole and we both finished high school we both work but i think she has to move out.

Zayn: why?

Me: she smokes weed and i work my ass off to pay bills while she calls off work and lays around all day with out even cleaning.

Zayn: oh now i see.

Harry; um zayn there is no more chees or sauce do you and Britt want to go out and get some?

Zayn: sure, Britt let's go

Britt: kay

(In the car)

Zayn: so Britt um, were going to stay home today and watch movies maybe you could stay over and join us?

Me: no zayn i cant im sorry you haven't even talked to the other boys yet about it

Zayn: yes i have they said it would be great actually!

Me: really? Okay i will.

Zayn: alright let's go in and out quick before papa get here

We got cheese meat and sauce along with popcorn and brownie mix. A couple of fans came up to us but they were like 10

(Back at the hotel)

Harry: thanks Britt and zayn for the help and getting this.

Britt: yup no promblem, I'll be back i have to use the rest room.

Louis: hurry back so we can start the brownies.

Liam: dont rush the girl, take your time.

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