Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


10. hah

Britts pov!

I cant believe zayn cant swim😂 but it's okay i still love him. After an hour of teaching zayn to swim our skin started getting wrinkling.

Me baby please let's go to the suite.

Zayn: course. Baby here hop on my back .

Me: yay! And he carried me all the way up to the room.

Me: okay I'm gonna go shower then!

Zayn: dont waste the hot water! Hey let's shower together.

Me: haha nice try! But if you want to we can.

Zayn: really? Um let me go get some clothes while you warm up the water.

Me: okay i said while walking into the bathroom while getting naked and in the shower a couple of mins later i heard the door open. And my stomachs flipped i was scared to see zayn Malik naked..

The shower door opened and closed and zayn quickly stepped closer to me. And then i tried to stay facing the wall but he spun me around.

Zayn: your perfect!

Me: your not so bad your self. I said while looking down.

I was washing my hair and then zayn started washing my hair and my body too. It was like when he touched me it gave me an amazing feeling. After we showered we changed into pjays and cuddle on our bed. Zayn was being so sweet to me. We just started talking.

Zayn: Britt have you ever been in a abusive relationship.

Me: no.. Have you?

Zayn: i would never lay a finger on a girl.

Me: i know and thats really good. I'm tired from all that swimming and stuff.

Zayn: good night baby girl sweet dreams.

Me: good night my love.

I woke to an empty bed and a note on the pillow that said, Britt good morning i ran to the store quick to buy things so we can make breakfast.

There was a knock at the door and when i opened it the guy said delivery for Britt Rodriguez.

Me: um yeah I'm Britt

And then the guy came back with like 3 dozen of roses and a huge teddy bear..

Me: oh my gosh!

Guy: it's from zayn

Me okay thanks.

Let's just say the card said how much he loved being in mine and brooks life. After i set the teddy bear down i went shopping for a outfit but i didnt know were we going so i called zayn

Me: hey baby i was shopping so i wanted to know what to wear.

Zayn: but a dress make sure its sexy and tight.

Me: okay babe thanks

I was looking at this dress that was on a rack all the way in the back. It was black laced and it was my size i picks out red heels and red lipstick with pearl studs and i was good to go the total was 95.34 which wasn't that bad.

When i got home zayn was watching tv and on his phone i out my bags down and layed down next to him. He was on Twitter of course. I pulled out my phone and took a selfie with zayn. We kept taking silly pictures and we even took one of us kissing.

Me: so what time should we get ready?

Zayn: at 9:30

Me. Okay thats fine then.

Zayn: wanna cuddle?

Me: nah i have. New boyfriend i said while pulling up the huge teddy bear.

Zayn: so you like it?

Me: i love it and i wanted to let you know that i love having you in mine and brooks life too.

Zayn: i wanted to say this in person so Britt i love you so much i never knew i could love some one so fast. .

Me: i love you too. And we ordered room service.

Before we knew it were both showering again while zayn takes his time caressing my body.

zayn: i want you right now!

Me: i dont know i feel like teasing you a bit but maybe later.

I hopped out the shower and started doing my hair and make up i curled my hair and did some simple make up i slipped on a black lace bra and panties and slipped on my dress with my heels along with some red lipstick.

Zayn: wow you look amazing!

Me: thanks baby.

When we arrived at the club all heads turned to me and zayn. There were girls throwing th selves at zayn. Then his ex perrie walked in!

Perrie: zayn hi who's this new me?

Me: um its Britt!

Zayn. Perrie leave me the fuck alone i told you we were done!

Perrie: what let me guess your sleeping with her too.

Me: its none of your fucking concern if we have sex or not, we could take this outside if you want!

Perrie: better yet right here she yelled as she pulled my hair!

I started swinging like crazy, she let go of my hair and thats when i grabbed her head and put it down before i upper cutted her right in the nose. Zayn literally pulled me off of her!

Perrie: fuck you!

Me: dirty bitch at least i dont pull hair bitch!

Zayn threw me in the car.

Zayn: what the fuck Britt.

Me: i dont care she touched me first.

Zayn: your lucky paps weren't there yet.

Me: whatever drop me off at the hotel.

Zayn: really thats how you feel. Whatever this was the worst valentines day cause of you.

As soon as he parked the car i ran inside and locked the suite door.

I wanted to just leave Florida but i couldnt.

Zayn was banging on the door and i let him in.

Zayn looked mad at first but when he saw me crying he grabbed me and put me on the bed.

Zayn: I'm sorry Britt.

Me: i- i know i messed up but i just couldn't help it zayn.

Zayn/ sh sh go to bed your fine. I love you .

Me: love you too!

Zayn was rubbing small circles around my lower back and he flipped me so i was on top, we had a heated make out session for a while before he slid off my dress and asked me if i was ready.

Zayn: do you want to?

Me: yeah i want to

Before he took of my under wear i took off his shirt and pants along with his boxers.

He gently took off my bra and underwear

I was straddling him and he slowly slid in. I felt every inch of him.

It wasn't my first time but it hurt a lot. I wanted to cry.

Zayn: damn Britt your so tight.

After a little the pain went form pain to pleasure

Me: on zayn please go faster.

Zayn: no! Please let me make love to you

Me:okay by now i was breathing really heavy!

Zayn: im about to cum, tell me something sexy

Me: i love you😘 and thats all it took and he reached his climax me right along

Zayn: our flight leaves tomorrow babe.

Me:okay I'll go to sleep then good night


Zayn: baby get up we have to go.

I tried getting up but my lower region was hurting like hell.

Me: zayn can you fill up the bath tub with hot water please

Zayn: whats wrong?

Me: nothing I'm just really sore.

Zayn: I'm sorry i tried going slow and gentle but but i guess it was to much still.

After zayn warmed up the tub i sat there for a little bit but it still was hurting.

I managed to get up and dressed and we got driven to the airport i grabbed my flowers and teddy bear

After we were in air i pulled out my phone And checked twitter and everything until zayn got my attention

Zayn: bae can you check your bag for my phone i put it in your front pocket.

Me: yeah but i only found this i said as i pulled out a key and papers

Me: whats this?

Zayn: it's our key to our house.

Me: oh wait wait what?

Zayn: i bought us a house me you and brook of course the boys already moved our room and brooks room to the new house.

Me: what about my house?

Zayn: the boys paid it off and wanted to keep it.

Me: i dont know what to say..

Zayn: say yes

Me: yes I'll move in.

Zayn: oh and my old boss offered me a side job as a tattoo artist i think i might take it.

Me/ i cant tell you what to do and what not to do.

When we got off the plane paul grabbed everything and zayn had me under his arm i was right at his rib cage and i could literally smell the shower gel he used!

When we got home to our new house. We un packed and i called liam

Liam: hey

Me: hi li um is it okay if i get Brooke now?

Li: no please i want to spend another night with her.

Me: your lucky im your friend!

Li: love you too anyway so can we stop by to see you house.

Me: yeah sure why not?

I put my teddy bear down and put my flowers next to the bed. And zayn was in the shower. My phone was ringing saying i had a text.

From: haz.

Hey love whats going on?

To haz.

Um nothing just about to order some food.

From: haz.

Oh yummy order pizza puh-lease!

I had a really good friend ship with harry he's my bestfriend. All the boys got here with a sleeping Brooke so i took her upstairs and put her in her crib.

Harry: Britt i missed you! He said while hugging me.

Me: i missed you too.

Harry: what did you order?

Me: shit i mumbled um we have brownie mix.

Harry: yes let's make that.

Zayn was sitting at the table while me and harry cooked brownies.

Harry grabbed my hand a couple of times. And he was standing behind me. I saw zayn a little mad i didnt think much of it until he pulled me by my arm all the was upstairs.

Zayn: the fuck Britt! Stop flirting with him in front of my face damn!

Me: zayn stop your acting like a child. I turned to walk away but zayn quickly scooped me up and gave me a long kiss.

Me: what was that for?

Zayn: you never let a girl leave mad.


Me and harry noticed the guys all playing FIFA while we walked out side to park about 2 miles away.

Harry: so how's it like being a mom?

Me: I'm not her mom im her guardian. But my sister didnt die so she wants her back i was gonna give her back but zayn and you guys really like her. I was crying by now.

Harry: sh sh i know but thats her daughter. Here i have something to take your mind off this. He said while pulling out a blunt.

Me: harry i stopped that in 10 grade.

Harry: it's okay

Me: oh fuck it i said while grabbing his lighter and taking a long hit. Me and harry smoked the whole blunt. I was so faded but harry wasn't it was like he was used to it. I was so hyper that me and harry raced home to eat brownies. Once i saw zayn i looked down so he wouldn't see my eyes.

Zayn: babe where have you been?

Me: oh um um the park with harry

Zayn. Seriously.

I started bursting out laughing the weed hit me.

Zayn/ are you high?

Me: nope not really i took a couple of hits calm down.

Zayn/ your out of pocket go take a shower you smell like weed.

Me: whatever!

Later that night zayn wanted to talk!

Zayn: Britt whats going on talk to me please!

I told him everything about giving brook back and how much i dont want to! Zayn had tears in his eyes.

Me: i know you dont want to loose Brooke but i was only her guardian so i dont have a choice!

Me: please zayn say something.

He didn't answer all he did was hug me. I felt so bad and my eyes were getting puffy. I heard Brooke wailing from her room so i brought her a bottle and took her to our bed.

Me: babe i thought Brooke could sleep with us tonight.

Zayn: yeah thats fine here let me feed her.

An hour later Brooke was asleep on zayns chest.


I woke up at five thirty cause i was thirsty! And if there's one thing i hate is to go downstairs alone in the dark i didnt want to wake zayn up so just ran down stairs and came back up. I started thinking maybe we should get a gaurd dog. I slowly drifted back to sleep.

I woke up to zayn and Brooke laughing.

Zayn: morning he said slightly with a attitude.

Me: hi i said i was hoping he wasn't mad at me.

Zayn: so you smoked weed to get this out of your head he said.

Me: oh my gosh zayn i made a mistake jeez. If your gonna keep on nagging me about it tell me so i can leave for a little.

Zayn: bye! Dont let the door hit you.

I grabbed my car keys and tried to grab brook but he didn't let me!

Me: your not even her dad.

Zayn: so your not her mother!

Me: whatever.

I was driving and i dont even know where to. I called harry.

Harry: hey Britt

Me: hi um where are you?

Harry: at your old house why?

Me: I'll be there in ten!

I hung up and went to where he was at all i needed was a hug from a friend.


Harry: whats wrong he said as he hopped in my car i told him i needed a hug and thats what he gave me.

Harry: maybe you rushed in to things too fast i mean with zayn and all.


2 weeks later.

Me and zayn still haven't stopped having little arguments and today we had to give Brooke up. I didnt want to wake up this morning.

All of Brooke's stuff was packed away. And zayn was up all night with her. The boys are heart broken and they drove with us to the Air port. I waited for my mom to meet us and fly with her to SAMs house.

Zayn: bye baby girl i love you! He said as he kissed her cheek

Me: i love you Brooke be have I'll see ya soon

All the boys talked to her like she understood. We waited until the plane took off to finally leave.

I couldn't stop crying so harry held me tight, i noticed these little things that harry does that zayn doesn't and he's my boyfriend!

After we dropped the boys off me and zayn again had an argue ment.

Zayn: whats with you and harry?

Me: he's a good friend and he was supporting me while you were ignoring me! What a great boyfriend!

Zayn: if he's so great why dont you go with him.

Me: maybe i will! I regretted those words coming out!

I started packing up everything. Zayn was gone after our fight.

I ripped all the little leaves he gave me in Florida and threw it on the bed. I dumped my clothes in a big duffel bag i didnt have to tell zayn anything he's the one that told me to go with harry.

I texted harry.

To haz!

We broke up. I'm leaving idc anymore.

From: haz!

What! Stop by after all this was your house.

I was already in my car as i was pulling out zayn was pulling in. He tried blocking me in but i pulled out so fast i made little contact with him. I was about to turn into my old house until i saw a cute little puppy wondering around i scooped him up and put him in my car.

I went into the boys house but left my stuff in the car.

Harry: I'm sorry Britt. Tell me what happened?

Me: he was all jealous about you holding me while i was crying so he told me to be with you. I said maybe i will cause you treat me better than him and he left for like two hours and i packed my clothes and left. Harry its hard to leave him. I loved him i did but i knew we weren't ment to be about a couple weeks ago

Harry; Britt you could stay here.

Me: I'm sorry but i cant he knows I'll be here.

** there was a knock on the door**

Harry: thats the new neighbor he and his twin brother. He said while opening the door

Neighbor: hey its Finn my brother will be out now.

Me: whats going on?

Harry: were having a cook out!

Me: oh um thats cool.

Harry: are you staying?

Me: i dont know. I need to find that puppy i said

I found him laying in harry bed. I cuddled up next to him and i fell asleep.


I woke up to louis shaking me.

Louis: Britty come down stairs with your dog dont be rude introduce your self

Me: fine i said while grabbing rule. Rule is the little pit i found.

I went down stairs to find twins and the boys I'm not gonna lie they were hot.

Me: hey guys my name is Britt and this is rule.

Jack: my name is Jack harries and this Finn harries.

Harry: give me rule

I gave harry rule and harry was attacked with kisses.

Finn: so Britt do you drink?

Me:yeah actually i do.

By the end of the night we were trashed and i crashed in the basement and i was cuddled in the extra room downstairs. Around 2 someone cuddled next to me and rule started growling.


When i woke up it was zayn! I went upstairs and asked the boys who let zayn in.

Me: harry why is zayn here!

Harry: i dont know. I didnt let him in!

Liam: i did, you guys both need to talk it out.

Me: well i dont have nothing to say to him!

As if on cue zayn woke up and came up stairs. When zayn saw me i went right back downstairs. I did over react a bit by moving out but still he treated me so wrong.

I didnt know what to tell him i just wanted to cry. Suddenly i felt the liquor coming back up. I rushed to the bathroom.********* after i was done i just broke out crying. I felt strong hands. Wrap around. It was zayn... He picked me up and carried me to the bed

Zayn: Britt im sorry please come home.

Me: no please dont just leave me alone.

I thought he would leave but he didnt he held me until i was done crying. I cried over Brooke i cried about zayn i cried about everything when i looked up zayns face was stained with tears.

Me: why are you crying?

zayn: i was horrible and I'm sorry babe. I love you please come home.

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