Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


5. cooking

Zayns pov

While Britt was in the bathroom liam and the boys teased me

Niall: zayn i see the way you stare at her

Harry: Bradford has a little crush

Zayn: would you shut the hell up please she just in the bathroom.

Quick note: i hate this fucking peice if shit i write stuff and it fucking erasers????

Liam: seriously guys she's in the bathroom. Keep it down

Louis: oh hey Britt, let's make the brownies..

Britt: okay i need two large eggs 1/4 cup of oil and milk, she said while pouring the mix into a bowl. And cracking the eggs .

Me(zayn): louis i got it from here i said while pouring the milk and stuff in as she was mixing.

Niall: how about a game if FIFA till the brownies are done.

Louis: I'll join actually zayn and Britt stay here and cook have fun!

Zayn: um Britt you have something on your face i said while trying not to laugh.

Britt: oh my gosh did i get it? She laughed while wiping her face.

Me: no here let me get it. I stated while cleaning her face and then her phone started to ring.

Britt: hey mom, is she okay is the baby okay? Yeah yeah I'll be right there.

Me: what happened?

Britt: my sister she's 16 and pregnant and she's not doing good I have to go to the hospital.

Me: I'll go with you i said while grabing her keys.

While we were in the car she was sobbing a little.

Me: Britt its okay everything will be fine.

Britt: no it's not zayn if my sister dies then her little girl goes up for adoption.

Me: she's not going to die Britt. I said while pulling up to the hospital.

Britt: hi were here for Sam brown.

Receptionist: and you are?

Britt: im Britt Rodriguez her sister from her mothers side

Her: room 203 on the 3rd floor.

Britt: thanks c'mon zayn.

As we walked in the room her mother was crying hard. And her brother was there too crying even harder.

Britt: mom what happened.?

Her mom: your sister she she fainted. And te doctors had to do a c-section for her baby and the baby is very healthy. But your sister isn't going to make it past today.

Britt: no mom no it's not true i know my sister and she's not dying mom noooo

Mom: I'm sorry but she is.

Britt: well where the baby?

Mom: why?

Britt: since Sam cant take care of here i will adopt her and i need to go sign the papers.

Mom: you will do that for your sister?

Britt: I'm doing it for the baby too now when she wakes up make sure you tell her that I'm here im just down stairs okay I'll talk to you later.

As me and Britt were going downstairs she was tearing up a bit

Me: is this really what you want to do?

Britt: yes zayn i want to, i dont want anybody else touching my neice.

Me: I'm happy your doing this. But where are you going to go with the baby?

Britt: I'm going to go home and talk to Nicole and tell her to stop smoking or get out. And after the hospital I'll drop you off and go to the bank and buy what i think the baby needs.

Zayn: but maybe i want to be with you instead of going to the hotel. And and i mean if you need help with buying things for the baby i have the money.

Britt: no zayn i have the money in the bank. And plus my sister had a baby shower so she has a lot of things i just want more yah know.

Me: okay I'll sit out here while you sign papers and pick out her name kay?

Britt: okay i already have a name actually.

Me: what is it?

Britt: Brooklyn Nicole Rodriguez

Me: oh. Thats a good name.

And with that she was gone for an hour and when she came back she had the cutest little baby girl in her arms.

Me: i take it that she's all yours now?

Britt: yeah but i have a favor to ask can you hold her really quick while i go to the car and get her car seat in and you can show her to my mother upstairs if you want?

Her mom: oh my she is beautiful. Are you her boyfriend?

Me: uh no were just friends.

Her mom: well i hope the best for the baby. Now if you want you can tell Britt to go to my house and pick up all of the baby's things her crib all the bottles everything take it.

Me: uh okay thanks mrs?-

Her mom: please call me Brenda

Me: thanks Brenda I'll be going, Brooklyn is getting tired it was nice meeting you.

And with that i went downstairs and wrapped Brooklyn up in a ton of blankets after the hospital i told the boys what happened. And we got to the hotel the boys met Brooklyn and Harry was literally on love.

Harry: aw she's so cute.

Liam. Britt we decided to go to your place and sleepover while we baby sit.

Britt: okay thats fine now let's go.

After we dropped the boys off at the house me and Britt went to go pick up the baby's stuff. When we got back we found a note from Nicole that said that she cant put a baby's life in danger so she moved out.

Me: hey atleast now Brooklyn has her own room.

Britt:no zayn I'm scared to be here alone.

Me: well me and the boys are here for tonight and if anything I'll stay here with you Britt🙊💓

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