Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


19. britts pov.

I cant believe it. Zayn cheated on me. He cheated on me with his ex! I mean i get it. She's beautiful and I'm not. But i thought he loved me?

The second he opened his arms, i cried my eyes out. And i cried so much that i got tired and fell asleep.


I woke up to Olivia crying at 7:30 she needed a diaper change.

Zayn woke up at 8 and came into livs room.

Zayn: hey baby.

Me: hi. I whispered.

Zayn: so my mom called this morning.

Me: thats great, what did she say?

Zayn: she's coming down tomorrow. And i was wondering if she can stay here with us for a little bit?

Me: yeah, is your sister coming?

Zayn: no not this time. My moms only coming for a week.

Me: oh, well this will be fun.

Zayn: are you still upset?

Me: I'm not upset im hurt.

Zayn: but you know nothing happened right?

Me: i mean i guess yeah. I believe you, i just i dont know.

Zayn: hey, baby why would i go to her when i have you here with me? I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Olivia. He admitted.

Then why dont we get married? I said to myself.

Zayn: you here me?

Me: yeah, i heard you. Why dont we order some pizza and watch movies? I asked while looking outside at the cold and rainy weather?

Zayn: yeah we can do that. And then we can go out tomorrow and have some drinks

Me: yeah i need that. Do me a favor and bring down her play pin and stuff so she can watch movies too. I said

Zayn: sure go ahead and order the pizza

I went downstairs with Olivia and ordered the pizza with a side of salad. I'm trying to be back to 100 pounds. Right now I'm at 120. I'm almost there!

Zayn: okay you ordered cheese?

Me: yes it will be here in 20.

Zayn: well I'm going to put Olivia down in the pin.

I was getting out plates while zayn wrapped his hands around me and spun me around and gave me a kiss on my lips.

Zayn picked me up, and sat me on the counter while i wrapped my legs around him.

Zayn: we have twenty. He replied

Me: i know i just- but i couldn't finish before a knock came from the door.

Zayn: here I'll get it. He said after he broke the kiss.

I was too busy thinking about how zayn said he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. When i looked up zayn stood there with his mom, Trisha.

I hoped off the counter and jumped up to hug her.

Me: i thought your flight comes tomorrow?

Trisha: yeah i wanted to surprise you guys. She said with a big smile.

Me: here give me you bags. I'll put it in the guest room. I said while grabbing her bags. And going into the guest room i tripped over a cord to the light and busted my ass. I laughed so hard. All though my knee was hurting really bad now.i got up to walk and my knee was killing me. I shook it off. And walked back outside. To find Trisha holding Olivia.

Trisha: why dont you guys have a night off?

Me: um i dont know, we haven't had a night off since before Olivia was born.

Trisha: why dont you guys go out and spend the night out! Like get a room something romantic? I'll watch Olivia today and tomorrow.! She had a great point.

Me: let me go talk to zayn?

I want into the bed room and talked to zayn.

Me: so is that a yes?

Zayn: yeah of course pack a bag. Were going out today and tomorrow night.

I packed a cute and classy short skin tight dress with black heels and a cute necklace. Then i packed a nige knee length tan dress, with flats. I brought pjays and a bathing suit. Knowing zayn he would get a hotel room with a hot tub or something.

After a about an hour we were saying our good byes to Olivia. I was going to miss her a lot but i needed a day out.

Me and zayn. Were off to a nice hotel near a bar and club.

Zayn got a suite and when i opened the door my mouth dropped. The room was huge! It had a hot tub in the bathroom and a huge bed with huge windows.! It had a big mirror. And i was just in love. Everything was perfect. I put my bag on a chair

Zayn: are you hungry?

Me: actually yeah. We didn't have a chance to eat the pizza i replied.

Zayn: okay I'll be back soon. He replied. And he gave a me a kiss and a iloveyou. And he left.

So i decided to waste time, looking through twitter. And i started looking through my newsfeed. When i guess a girl that likes one direction decided to comment. She said "what does zayn see in that hoe? I mean they have been dating for what 10 months? Wow, next thing you know zayns gonna start calling her his baby momma! Lol" i thought to myself once again. How much i ruined his life. I know he misses partying and smoking and he cant because of Olivia. I feel bad.

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