Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


14. britts pov

Harry sat down next me

Harry: hey Britt whats up?

Me: hi nothing i just feel like i rushed back into thing with zayn. I love him but i just feel like were different since i first met him.

Harry: well maybe you should talk to him. And take a break .

Me: yeah but i dont want to take a break! Anyway harry please give me food im hungry!

Harry: get up lazy ass. What do you want?

Me: pizza please with bacon!


I was on twitter and all the boys left..

Zayn: babe whats wrong?

Me: nothing. Just tired i lied.

Zayn: come here. Lay with me?

So i decided to lay with him in our bed.

I was drifted into a sleep when zayns snoring woke me up. I tried getting off of the bed with out him noticing. I went into the bathroom and checked the time. The clock read 3:30 am.

Wow i still haven't slept so i decided. To text harry.

To: harry!

Hey are you up?

From harry:

Yeah I'm up now is everything okay?

Zayn started knocking and he scared me so i jumped and knocked me phone right onto the floor.


Zayn: babe? Are you okay?

Me: yeah fine. I said while walking out

Zayn: come back to bed please!!

Me: fine! I was pretty comfortable.

I laid back down and zayn was basically on top of me.

Zayn: so tomorrow the boys and me have to go to a interview. Are you going to be okay?

Me: yeah i will um i will just call jack and Finn over so i wont be lonely.


I woke up and zayn was gone. So i took a shower washed my hair and i got dressed. My phones been goin off on twitter of course all the hate and shit!

I didnt really care cause im the one with zayn not them so!

Just then i decided to take rule out for a walk at the park. I put on his leash and we walked to the park.

We were now at the park. I started thinking about how much i miss Nicole. Should i text her?

To Nicole!

Hey i miss you.

A couple seconds later she texted back.

From Nicole

Babe i miss you too! Meet up!

To Nicole

Yess hm im at the park. On third street. Downtown

About thirty mintues Nicole walked up to me.

Nicole; Britt? Oh my gosh i missed you!

Me: i missed you too i said while hugging her.

We chatted for a couple of mintues.

Nicole: I've seen with one direction

Me: yeAh i mean harrys my best friend and zayns my boyfriend.

Nicole: awh you guys live together?

Me: yeah. Here come on let's go toy house. I exclaimed as we started walking.

Once we got home i showed her around. And then we went to my and zayns. Room.

Nicole: wow this is zayns Malik's room.

Me: and mine i laughed.

Then harry called me.

Harry: hey Britt. Zayns phone died so he wants to talk to you.

Zayn: hey babe i miss you!

Me: i miss you too and by the way Nicole is here so im about to cook for you guys.

Zayn: oh thats cool I'll be home in like five mintues.

I started cooking baked Mac and cheese with lasagna.

Zayn: im home!

Me: kitchen!

All the boys walked in an. They greeted Nicole

Liam; im liam and you are?

Nicole: im Nicole!

Me: okay so the food will be done in like and hour.. What should we do?

Harry: let's have a sleep over !!

Me: of course at my house right?

Liam: Nicole are you staying?

Nicole: um yeah i guess..

Me: let me go shower since i was running at the park and stuff. I exclaimed.

I was getting my clothes out when zayn walked in.

Me: hey babe.

Zayn: hey i missed you he said while giving me a kiss! Oh how i missed his kisses!

Me: i missed you too! I whispered against his lips.

We had a heated make out session and it lead to the shower.

He washed my hair for me and washed my body. He pinned me against the cold wall.

Zayn: do you want to-

I didnt let him finish before i crashed my lips onto his..

He slid in to me and i couldn't help but moan so loud he kissed me so i could shut up. I rolled my hips onto him and he would thrust into me.

Zayn: im about to.

Me: me too..

He came first and then i did too right after him. He was now sucking on my sweet spot.

When we got out i looked in the mirror and i saw a huge reddish yet purple spot on my neck.

Me: zayn thanks for this i said while pointing to my neck.

Zayn:sorry babe he laughed.

After we got dressed i totally forgot about the food so i ran down stairs only to find the food sitting on the counter cooling off.

Liam:oh the timer went off so i thought they needed to be cooled off.

Me: thanks i guess.

Me and liam never really had a great friend ship.

Liam: um I'm gonna go get everybody.

While everybody sat down at the table i was serving them.

After they all were served and we all started eating. Nicole was talking to everybody

Nicole: so the food is great.

Harry: yeah its good but not better then mine he joked.

Me: haha very funny haz!

Zayn: it's really good babe!

Me: thanks... I blushed a little

Niall: is there more???

Me: of course niall there's some in the fridge. I laughed.

After dinner the boys made a bed in the living room. While watching a movie. While me and zayn went up stairs.

Zayn: your on birth control right?

Me: yeah? Why!

Zayn: i didnt use a condom

Me: i haven't been taking them zayn!!!

Zayn: what?

Me: its fine i took one today this morning but yesterday i didnt..

Zayn: okay i think were fine. He said with a sigh.

Me: you dont want a baby?

Zayn: i want one but i dont think you want one after what happened with Brooke..

Me: i miss her i do but were so young. I'm about to turn 19 in what like 1 week.

Zayn: yeah but let's say you did get pregnant would you be mad

Me: I'll be upset unless your the father i exclaimed.


The next morning i woke up to zayn just staring at me.

Zayn: morning babe.

Me: morning love.

Zayn: so i thought me and you could go to the London eye?

Me: yeah that would be cool. Let me shower.

Zayn: wait where is Nicole and the boys?

I peeked my head downstairs and they were still actually asleep.

Me: they are still sleeping.

Zayn: okay. I'll wake them up and tell them the plan.

As i was in the shower. I started thinking about the fact that zayn and the boys only have like three months left until they have to go on tour. I got out the shower and put on a long tan shirt with a pair of hollister jeans. My black uggs and and a blue scarf with tan print on it. I left my blonde hair in a braid over night so when i woke up it was really curly.

Zayn: babe can i shower while you do your make up??

Me: yeah. Hey what did the boys say??

Zayn: they wAnt to come along and so does Nicole. Nicole left to go get dressed and so did the boys.

Me: okay. Thats fine i said while starting my make up.

I put on my cover up and some powder. I put on mascara and eyeliner. And some nude lip stick. I looked decent.

In about an hour me and zayn were already at the London eye. Waiting for them. Liam and Nicole were flirting were the others were just chilling.

Once me and zayn got our cart and we were moving. I was enjoying the view.

Zayn: you look beautiful.

Me: thanks i blushed

Me: zayn can we talk?

Zayn: yeah whats up?

Me: okay so i was thinking maybe i shouldn't go on tour with you guys.

He was speechless i dont know if he was mad or upset

Zayn: what do you mean Britt!

Me: zayn dont yell at me please i love you i do but the boys and you need that time to go in shows and stuff we aren't even gonna enough time to hang out or anything.

Zayn: i know but Britt i need you with me. I'm new to all this stuff this dating and living together. I need you to hold me down.

Just then the cart door opened and we stepped out.. I wanted to keep the talk going but the boys were already out. Not that i was embrassed to talk about it in front of them i just didnt feel comfortable.

Harry: let's go for pizza? Yeah?

Zayn: um liam do me a favor, drive britts car. To our house we want to walk. He said calmly.

After we were far enough i started talking.

Me: i know zayn i love you too.

We walked in silence, the walk was already an hour long.

Once we got home it was already five. Zayn was in the bathroom and i was switching out to pjays.

Zayn: babe?

I tried my best to cover up.

Zayn: stop your beautiful. He said while pulling me onto his lap.

Zayn: give me everything. Please!

Me: your the only one i want to give it to! I said while replying.

Zayn:why do you do this.its like im madly in love with and i really want you to be pregnant Britt.

Me: yeah i have a doctors appointment tomorrow. So we will find out. I'm pretty sure it's just my birth control.

I remember when i felt like i didnt love zayn. The memories bring tears to my eyes.

Zayn: whats wrong love?

Me: nothing i was thinking

But i could tell he knew what was wrong not that i dont love him now but he could also tell how much i missed Brooke.

Zayn: we couldn't really stop Brooke from going on that plane back with your mom.

Me: i know i just wish my life wasn't so complicated. I sobbed.

Zayn: sh sh baby it's okay.

I just relalized i wAs still half naked and straddled on top of zayn. I quickly hopped off of him and wiped off a few tears that left my eyes. I hate crying in front of people it makes me feel weak..


I woke up this morning with huge red puffy eyes. I suddenly felt my head spinning. And my heart was pounding against my chest. I'm guessing from all the crying?

I had to be at my doctors appointment at 7:40 and its 7:00 so i hoped in the shower and got dressed in yoga pants and a sweater with huge sunglasses and uggs.

I'm now at my appointment and the doctor just called me back.

Doc: so you think your pregnant? ??????


I walked into my and zayns room. And tears were just coming out of my eyes. After what he told me, i couldn't help

But cry.

Zayn: baby whats wrong?

Me: he he said that i wasn't pregnant and that might not be able to have kids. I replied.

Zayn: he's not positive right?

Me: no he said to come back so they could run some test.

Zayn: it's okay baby i still would love you if you cant have kids.

Me: zayn but i know how much you wanted a baby and i cant even carry one! I sobbed even harder.

My head was spinning and my eyes got heavy. I saw pitch black and i heard zayn calling my name but he was getting farther.

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