Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


3. xfactor

Official story begins!

" Harry get up your going to be late" I heard my mum charge up the stairs. We actually weren't going to be late at all but try telling a 16 year old boy " get up it's not urgent" and expect them to not just roll back over and say " just 10 more minutes" I mean I'm not one to talk I would sleep all day if I could I just know I take hours to get ready so I set my alarm clock.

I heard my mum growl under her breath standing outside Harry's door " sky can you get your brother I need to fix my makeup" she stated and walked away before I gave an answer. I laughed as I put my phone back down on my desk. " with pleasure" I whispered to myself as I looked at my unusually well dressed self in the mirror.( still refusing to wear a dress)

I turned towards Harry's door as I stepped into the hallway. I put my ear up against the door as I listened for any possible noise just to make sure he actually was sleeping and not walking around naked. " ok Harry" I shouted "I'm coming in so if your awake and naked, cover your self" I bravely opened the door and stepped inside. He was cuddling his pillow in the feetle position and was surprisingly wearing boxers.

I ran and jumped on him ruining what seemed to me as a peaceful sleep." Wake up Harry you have to sing in front of millions of people today" I shouted as I pinned him down. He jumped about 10 feet high as he looked at me with squinting eyes" maybe I could if you would get off" he croaked in his normally low voice while pushing me off. I giggled at the foot of his bed and looked over to him as he laid back down and threw his blanket back over his shoulders. " oh no you don't " I laughed as I ripped the blanket back off from his feet " you have to look NICE and that's not easy for you , so you HAVE to get up now" I laughed trying to make him actually get up. He sat up and rubbed his eyes which soon turned into a scowl as soon as he was done.i took this as a silent 'get out of my room' and hopped off the bed and walked back to my room.

After about 30 minutes of me mindlessly passing around my room checking my phone for entertainment and doodling I heard Harry's door open as he yelled" I'm ready" I shoved my phone back in my pocket and walked out to see Harry fluffing his hair in the hall.

" huh that's a first" I laughed looking him up and down " what" he said insistently looking down at himself checking to make sure nothing was wrong with his appearance. "I honestly think this is the first time I've seen you Have anything more than boxers on, on a Saturday " I giggled " oh shut it all ready" he grunted and turned to walk down stairs.

" well, someone seems a bit crabby now don't they " I teased leaning over his shoulder and walking closely behind him down the steps." I'm not crabby" he shot back as we got to the bottom " well then what is it?" I asked walking along side him. " it's the audition isn't it?" I asked with a bit of concern in my voice as I turned to look at him. Then he stopped walking, I shortly after did the same and turned around to face him.

" what if I don't do well sky, what if I don't even make it in and sent me home right away?" I felt really bad for him it must be so much pressure and so scary " look, I've heard you sing dozens of times and not once have I never thought of you as rubbish" he looked up with thankful but unsure eyes " Harry" I smiled pulling him into a hug " I promise you will do fine" I said as he squeezed me tight I almost couldn't breath " and if you don't" I smiled " Ill do all of your choirs for a whole month to make up for it" he laughed over my shoulder " thanks sky" he giggled " now at least either way I will have something to look forward to" I laughed and let him go " no problem harry" I smiled reaching up and ruffling his hair. I could all ready tell he felt a little better but could still feel his nervousness. He smiled as we walked out to the car, we were silent the whole way there.

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