Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


4. xfactor continued

When we got there, tons of people were everywhere. I looked to Harry to see him pull on the knees of his pants nervously. " Harry calm down" I said stressing basically the whole sentence. He looked down to the floor and tightens the grip on his jeans " but there are so many people here"at this point mum had already parked and was looking back at Harry." You'll do fine love" she smiled and pecked his cheek. I smiled back " yeah, if you can do it in the shower you can do it on stage" he just looked back over to me " sky that's completely different" he yelled. And I laughed " you'll still do great" I reassured him.with one big huff he opens the car door stepping out, i do the same " I hope your right sky" he said looking to me over the hood of the car " I'm always right" I smirked and shut my door joining him on the other side of the car.

When we got inside Harry got a number that he had to wear. " let me see" I said pointing to his number " fine, but I can't take it off so come here" he said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. I smiled and bounced over to him " want to know what your number is?" I asked looking at him "it's like 166.." Before he could finish I stopped him " nope,it's 165998 " I smiled very happy with myself. " what?" He asked grabbing his shirt where the number was attached and looking at it. I laughed and walked next to mum. She shook her head at us, probably wanting us to act more "mature" but you know that's not gonna happen

By the time we could actually see the door to back stage it was like 1:00. I growled under my breath. I needed to like do something besides standing around and messing with Harry. " mum, I'm gonna go to the Lou real quick" I said in hopes she's say yes and I could take a quick walk." Sure honey just get back in time to watch harry" I laughed " of corse I wouldn't miss it for the world" I smiled ruffling Harry's hair. I released his hair when he started to hit my hand. I laughed and turned on my heel walking towards the restroom sign. When I got there I looked back to make sure they couldn't see me and started walking down the line of people. It didn't look weird a lot of other people were doing it to, either to use the bath room or stretch their legs or what ever.

I pulled out my phone as I walked and checked my messages, I had none. So I put my phone away, when I looked up there was a boy who looked a year or two older than me. Standing in the line with a number on his shirt as well as Harry. He was starring at me, weird. I smiled at him and he hid his face by looking down. I shrugged it off and kept walking until I got a text. I pulled out my phone and saw my mum had told to come back over Harry was going on soon.

I turned and started to walk back as I did I saw the boy and his mum laughing, it made me smile because everyone else just looked nervous or depressed. He then turned to me and his eyes caught mine and he stopped laughing. I smiled at him again being polite and he smiled back. He turned to his mum and whispered something in her ear then she pushed him out of the line playfully making me completely confused. I started to walk again when he stepped in front of me.

" um... Hi I'm louis" he said nervously rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled up at him, he was so much taller than me. I laughed at his nervousness and put out a hand " I'm sky" he gladly shook my hand then my mum ruining everything my text went off and he let go of my hand. " sorry" I whined pulling out my phone he laughed surprisingly " that's. alright love" he smiled. I clicked my phone off and looked up " I have to go" I pouted " my brothers going on soon" his eyes lost all their light as he says " that's fine" then I smiled and pulled a pen from my pocket from when I was doodling before " can I see your arm?" I asked. He looked down at me with the most confused face ever. " um.. Sure" he said putting out an arm to me. I smiled and pushed up his sleeve. " call me". I smiled writing my number and putting sky with a heart around it and pulled down his sleeve again so it was no longer visible " oh o-okay" he stuttered. Looking at his sleeve I smiled and started to walk away when I turned and shouted " bye louis" he turned to me and I gave him a huge smile as I turned and ran off to Harry and my mum. When I got there harry was all shaky.

" wow you ok" I asked as I walked up to Harry. He just nodded as mum immediately unleashed all her anger on me " where have you been young lady" she practically yelled " the Lou" I said shoving a thumb towards the bathrooms. When I noticed that louis' name had Lou in it so I technically wasn't lying. " for nearly twenty minutes" " I had to fix my face" I said gesturing to my face. She sighed giving up and turned back around." Don't do it again" she said still not looking at me. I nodded even though she couldn't see me.

" 165998, uh Harry styles?" A man with a tuxedo and clipboard said from behind stage. Then Harry tensed up " come on Hun" mum said as she pulled him back stage. I fallowed closely behind them. " your next lad" the same guy who announced his name said patting his back then pushing him towards the stage entrance. Once he went on mum and I where brought to a spot were he comes back out when he's done. There were t.v.s set up so we could see Harry. After he sang he made it with two yes's he ran off the stage in tears, happy tears and straight into mums arms. When he let go he ran into my hug " I told you" I smiled in his chest. " I know" he smiled back.

Later we got put into a room filled with tons of people who also made it through. As we waited for Simon to explain to those who passed how boot camp was gonna work I started to talk to some of the other guys who passed, I don't like to talk to girls they're all full of fake compliments and drama. After what seemed like the longest span of time without people who made it through the door shut again. I looked over to see louis walk in. I smiled and turned to the two guys I was talking to. " excuse. me for a bit" a said and they smiled and continued the conversation with out me.

" louis" I shouted and ran up to him and his mum. His eyes lit up when he saw me" sky" he smiled and pulled me in for a hug. " I thought you said you went to the Lou" I heard from behind. I pulled away to see Harry smirking with crossed arms. I gave a nervous laugh as I rubbed the back of my neck " did I say that?" I said slowly. Louis laughing behind me." So sky who's this?" Harry questioned looking behind me. My cheeks went red as I was about to answer but louis saved me by putting out his hand " I'm louis" he laughed. Harry gladly took it " Harry, sky's OLDER brother" he said stressing the older no questioningly to scare louis away.they let each other's hands go and looked to me. My cheeks burned as I let out a nervous laugh and rubbed my arm.

"Well he is a Lou, just not a bathroom Lou " I said as I looked to Harry. They both started laughing and I swallowed hard. " ok sky" Harry said "just letting you know she's only 15" Harry said turning to louis "Harry" I wined and louis laughed "18" he said simply." Oh look at that sky he's too old for you anyway" louis laughed at Harry's protectiveness. And I hid my face in hands. Then door slammed shut the noise rattled the room and everyone turned to the door to see simon and the other judges.

Simon clapped his hands together starring at all of the people with numbers on." Now, who's ready for boot camp"

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