Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.



I got dressed in a white tank top and small green shorts.( they go quite nice with my eyes) and brushed my teeth. I stopped when I was done and just looked at myself in the mirror. I looked so much like Harry, it was really weird. I don't know why but I felt the need to change myself in some way. I huffed as I turned and walked back into my room.

When I got there I plopped down on my bed and starred at the ceiling. Not really doing or thinking anything, just being this zoned out blob.i was pulled back into reality by the beeping of my phone.

(Louis)L- you asleep

(Sky)S- yes Lou, fast asleep

L- I'm serious we're almost done shopping then were coming home

S- r u forcing me to sleep?

L- yes now go to bed

S- fine but don't bug me anymore or it's not gonna happen

L- fine just go to sleep

S- I said stop bugging me

L- ok I love you

S- luv u 2

L- you should talk normally I don't think I understood you

S- do u want me to sleep or not?

L- yes

S- well stop talking to me then

L- good night

S- I'm turning off my phone

I put my phone down and sighed, turning off the lamp next to me and falling into a deep sleep.


I woke up the next morning to see all the boys and Paul standing around my bed." Wow creeps" I said blinking my eyes a couple times to get my eyes adjusted . When I looked around I saw all of them wearing pink crowns. They blew little party whistles in my face ( you know the ones that roll up and unroll when you blow into them) " happy birthday!" They all yelled.

Louis pulled out a little tube from his back pocket and pulled a string attached to the bottom. You heard a 'pop' and confetti went all over my bed. I laughed and covered my mouth in surprise " Lou I was kidding" I said with a smile as I looked to him. He giggled and kissed my forehead." I know" he smiled. He moved away and gestured for the boys to fallow him, they all did minus Paul.

I looked up and laughed at him " I guess your the princess to day" I joked. He chuckled " me and the five royal idiots" I laughed.

Paul picked me up by the waist and flung me over his shoulder. " put me down" I laughed as he pulled me out of my room and set me in the hall. There on the floor stretching from me to the front door was a long, red carpet.

I put my hands over my mouth again and bounced a little " I was kidding" I yelled/ laughed looking at it. Paul put his hand on my back pushing me a little. " there's a surprise at the end" he winked at me. I made my way down the carpet to the end, in the kitchen all the boys were standing around the island, in front of them were tons and TONS of pancakes.

I laughed and pulled my fingers through my hair. " Jesus, guys why are you so nice?" I smiled. " because we love you" Harry smiled. " and food" Niall butted in munching on a pancake. Liam and ZAYN slapped niall at the same time " way to ruin the moment niall" ZAYN scolded him, I laughed going and sitting with the boys.

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