Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


5. idk

So as you know the boys were put together during xfactor. I am friends with all the boys, and it's weird because I only talk to nialls brother, it's kind of distant between me and the rest of the boys siblings. It's been a month since they lost xfactor but like they promised they stayed a band. They have an original song already too, I think it's crap but, they like it so... Yea.

Continuing on with the story!

" so you exited for your first performance as an official band" I smiled as I stood back stage with the boys. " yea, it's gonna be great" Niall smirked leaning forward in his seat. " uh, I don't know do you see all those girls out there" Harry said peeking out the curtain. All you hear are girls screaming " ok, ok close that before my ears bleed" I said holding my ears. All the boys laughed as he shut the curtain looking back at me.

" Harry " I smiled swinging back and forth. " yes" he smiled copying my swinging position. I laughed " you remember what tomorrow is?" I smirked." Nope" he said popping the p. my smirked faded and I put one a big pouty face, crossed my arms, and turned on my heel so I faced the boys " fine, I see what type of a brother you are" I said in a five year old tantrum voice.

I could hear him giggle behind me, along with the other boys "I remember I'm just teasing" he said " uh huh" I said and plopped down on the couch next to Niall not uncrossing my arms. " no really I know what it is" he said walking up to the two couches we were all sitting on. " then tell me" I said looking up to him. All the boys snickered to each other " humm" I hummed then he stayed quiet. " I know" louis shouted, everyone turned to him as his cheeks burned bright red. " no you don't" Harry shouted back" ya huh" he said back " oh ya then say it" Harry said louis' face went pale.

" no, not out loud" he said back to Harry. The other three boys started to giggle as well as me. " why not, because you don't know either" he said. " no" louis protested ( ha get it :D ) " you'll steal my answer" I laughed. " come here, whisper it to me I'll tell you if it's right" " alright, but Harry has to go all the way over there" he said pointing at the other side of the room. " fine" Harry pouted and walked over to the spot louis was pointing to.

" ok go ahead " Harry smirked knowing he was going to get it wrong. Louis jumped up and jogged up to me. I giggled as he cupped his hands around my ear. He took a glance at Harry to make sure he stayed away then turned back and whispered into my ear " it's your 16th birthday" his breath tickled me and I giggled while turning to him " yes!" I laughed putting up a hand, we high-fived and louis stood up again and stuck a tongue out to Harry " see I told you" he smiled and sat back down in his seat. " what was it " Harry asked with wide eyes

" ok boys time to go" Simon said walking in. All the boys got up " come on Lou tell me" he wined as they walked, louis made sure to give me another high-five as they walked out " nope" louis smiled walking on stage and all the girls started to scream again. Damn, and this was a "small" crowd.

After the song the boys walked in sweaty and disgusting. Niall and Liam plopped down on one couch and the rest of them tried to sit by me. " ew get away" I shouted as Harry sat remarkable close to me. He gave an out of breath chuckle as I jumped to my feet and louis took my place.

I looked down to louis " did you tell him" I asked. He smirked and shook his head still panting." Damn, it was one show, you literally sung one song how are you this out of breath" I laughed looking around at all the boys. " Simon kept making us jump around and stuff" Niall wined looking at me with pouty eyes.

I laughed" don't look at me like that Niall it's not my fault" he then pouted his lips to match his eyes and asked " look at you like what?" I growled and covered my eyes " stop it your making me feel like I ran over a puppy for god sakes"

The other boys started to giggle but were soon quieted by the sound of a door shutting. I pulled my hands away from my eyes and looked over to see simon walking in. " hello boys" he smiled and clapped his hands together " great show, but one last thing I wanted to let you know before anyone leaves"

" uhh, what now" ZAYN wines back, I giggled. "Let him Finnish mate" Liam butted in being all adult like, how adorable." Yes, thank you Liam" Simon smiled as he continued. " I need you all to sign autographs and spend some time with the fans they really appreciate it"

" but were all sweaty and smelly" Harry wined.i laughed "suck it up Harry, they probably like it anyways" I said. Simon turned to Harry " yes, listen to your sister" he turned and the boys started laughing" but she's younger" he shouted back, Simon said nothing as he walked out the door.

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