Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


10. damn louis be gentle

" you know you didn't really tell me what kind of party you wanted" louis said as he leaned against the counter. I looked around at the horrid mess the boys left behind and chuckled sitting on a bar stool. " I want a red carpet, disco lights, confetti, and all of you boys THAT INCLUDES Paul to wear princess crowns" I said with a smirk.

" ok" he smiled. Popping a cheese ball in his mouth from a bag on the counter. I laughed " I was kidding Lou you couldn't have taken me seriously"

" well I did so any more suggestions" he walked up and rested his elbows on the island in front of me. " um, how about balloons and tennis rackets" I giggled " tennis rackets?" He laughed. I smirked sitting up in my seat, twisting it back and forth slightly " yeah, have you ever tried it me and Harry would do it all the time as kids. You blow up the balloons and smack them around like crazy" I said pretending I was doing it, moving my fist in the swatting position.

Louis laughed at me and stood up straight " you know that sounds fun, huh I never thought of that" I smiled " see you learn something new every day" he chuckled " yeah yeah yeah what ever" he walked around the island to me, leaning in close " but it's time to go to bed now birthday girl cause I need to go shopping" I giggled " why do I have to go to bed?"

" because" he said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. " your not aloud to see any of the shopping" I screamed, which soon turned into giggles as he threw me on the bed in my room. I sat up and pulled the hair out of my face " well you could at least be gentle" I laughed as I watched louis walk out of the door " no, no I don't think I could "

I am so so sorry it's short, I'm such a bad writer and my cousins are over so I might not get much done for the next two days. Don't hate me please!!!!

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