Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


13. car ride

It was going to take forever to get to the park we were meeting mum at, and I couldn't sit still. Liam was laughing next to me" sky calm down" he chuckled trying to keep me still. " I can't Liam" I yelled through a fit of giggles.

" Liam you obviously haven't known sky long enough" louis said on my other side " what, why?" He asked " because if you want her to stop you have to do this" louis trailed off as he wrapped a pair of arms around me and pulled me to his chest.

I stopped jumping around, because I couldn't, he was too strong. I laughed " let me go Lou" he smiled " no" I wiggled around in his grip.

" louis I don't exactly think it's working" Niall said leaning over the seats because he and Harry and ZAYN were in the seats behind us.( Paul is driving, if you were wondering)

" yeah she's still moving around all the same" ZAYN commented. Making me giggle again. " ok then, time for plan B" he smirks over me. "What's plan B?" Harry asked. " plan B is this" louis said picking me up by my waist and putting me in his lap, wrapping his legs around mine and holding me to his chest. I couldn't move anymore.

I laughed "louis I don't think this is very legal" I said trying my best to move, and failing terribly. He shrugged " who cares" my mouth dropped wide as I laughed " police men, my mummy, PAUL!" I said loud enough so that Paul could hear me.

"Louis whatever your doing knock it off" Paul said in a stern voice, we all laughed but louis didn't let go. After about ten more minutes of struggling I gave up and slumped into louis' chest."fine, you win" louis giggled into my ear and threw a fist up to the ceiling " victory is mine" he yelled and we all laughed. Louis making sure to hold me tight the rest of the ride.

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