Just a friend

" do you like him?"

" no, he's my best friend"

but the more I thought about the question the more I hated the real answer, Yes.


6. bla bla bla

Harry growled under his breath as he turned back to me. " come on you heard the man Harold, get you stinky sweaty bum up and sign some autographs" the other boys giggled as they stood up to leave. But Harry just sat there.

" I'll tell you what tomorrow is if you get up" I smiled leaning over the couch." Fine " he mumbled getting up and fallowing the other boys out the door.

When we get out there tons of girls were smushing themselves against a gate that protected the boys from getting mobed. As Harry walked up and welcomed the girls I snook off to meet Paul by the limo because like I said I wanted to be normal and hanging around bunches of girls while your brother signs autographs is not normal. Plus I don't want to be known so walking around plane as day is probably not a good idea.

" hey Paul" I smiled walking to him as he leaned against the limo. " hey princess" he smiled back. I copied his position as I leaned on the limo next to him." Are you ok, you seem less... Yourself" Paul said looking over to me. " ya I'm fine just... I don't know... A little sad"

" well that's not fine" he said. I gave a small faded laugh. " what's wrong princess?" He asked and looked over to him. I made my lips flat as I sighed " Harry forgot my birthday... I think... I mean it might just be him being a "funny guy" but I think he really forgot this time, and to make it worse of all people louis remembered"

"Well what's so wrong with louis knowing your birthday?" He looked over to me again. " I don't know I guess it just surprises me"

" it doesn't surprise me you two have been best friends since xfactor" Paul said looking at me with concerned eyes. I smiled and nodded " your probably right"he laughed " I'm always right" I was about to say something else but as I opened my mouth I could hear the boys coming toward the limo. They are so loud.

"Harry stop shoving" Niall wined. " grow a pair and take it like a man " Harry laughed back."but I don't want too" Niall started to wine again as they came to the limo. " Harry leave my Niall alone" I said wrapping my arms around nialls waist. " yeah" he spat back like a two year old throwing his arms around me as well.

" stop all the horse play we need to get you guys to recording " Paul said pulling me and Niall apart. I laughed " sure Paul" I grabbed nialls wrist and pulled him to the limo the rest of the boys fallowed.

I sat in the back in between Niall and louis. Harry, Zayn and Liam sat across from us on the other side. It was. Actually a descent car ride I mean you can't expect. Perfection from these guys but this time they were pretty close. The only bickering came from Harry and Niall but Liam stopped them, because he's the daddy.

Paul guided all the boys and me to the studio. When we got there Niall ran up to Paul and started to wine in his ears " Paul I'm hungry " I giggled as Paul pushed Niall away. He turned to me and started to pout " sky I'm hungry" I laughed " your always hungry Niall"

" yeah seriously" ZAYN mumbled passing us." But sky if I don't eat something I'll die" I giggled as the other boys rolled their eyes." Your not gonna die" I laughed as we walked into their recording room." Yes I am" he wined . " here how about this if you go and sing like your supposed to I'll take you to nandos"

Nialls eyes lit up as bounced into the sound booth." Yes yes YES!" He yelled. I giggled. Then louis started to wine "no fair, I want to go" I laughed " ok I'll take you too just go sing your crappy music so we can leave" he laughed and jogged into the booth fallowed by the rest of the boys.

Me and Paul sat back by the buttons and leavers that changed their voices and made fun of the boys the entire time.the best part is that they can't see or hear us but we can see and hear them. So we laughed at everything, Especially Harry and the way his vanes pop out his neck when he sings, it hilarious.

Sorry guys I'm having a bit of writers block but I didn't want to leave you with nothing so I spent all day writing this.

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