New Years Day

I will write a personal chapter for new years day just for you... You could have a romance, a gift, a new years resolution to follow, a big party, or a great day out with the family... Read the instructions and then comment for my new years day chapter for you x


2. Loony's *Sami* Goldshine: Meeting A YouTuber

Perfect Gift: To meet a YouTuber? . Joey Graceffa
The Story: Could it be that I go to Times Square for the ball drop, and meet a YouTuber?

Times were great, I had my best friend Eve beside me, and Christmas was fast approaching. But things started going weird on Christmas Eve. With things going bad, and no one doing anythingbabout it. It was up to me to save Christmas, with nothing but my wolf Eve at my side to help me!


Samantha was 14 years old. She was a beautiful young girl with brown eyes, and brown curly hair that just touched her shoulders. She liked reading, writing, and singing. But her all time favourite thing to do was watch to watch YouTubers. Her all time favourie YouTuber was Joey Graceffa. She had watched every youtube video he had ever made, and was eager to see any new ones he may soon upload. She dreamed that one day she would be able to meet him, but she knew the chances of that were a million-to-one.


Samantha was sat watching one of Joey Graceffa's latest youtube videos. when her mum walked into the room. Samantha paused the video so her mum could speak, without interupting Joey. "We are going to TimeSquare for the ball drop. Are you excited?" Samantha sighed as she looked at Joey's face on pause. He was pulling a rather funny face at the time. It made Samantha want to laugh. Her mum began tapping her foot impatiently, still waiting for a reply to her question. Samantha quickly said "yeah sure thing mum! It will be a blast!" Samatha's mum clapped her hands together and said with an eager smie on her face "great! Im glad your excited about it, we leave tommorow so get some sleep".


Samantha went to play her video but her mum said crossly "that means no more Joey whats-his-face tonight!" Samantha growled under her breath. "okay mum, night!" As soon as her mum had left the room, Samantha played the video, but it began buffering. She tried reloading the page after fighting with her netbook to get it working. The page went to an error page, telling her that their was a problem with her internet. Samantha realized her mum has turned the internet off for the night. She groaned crossly as she heard her mum sarcastically say "good night honey". Samantha slammed her netbook lid shut, and plonked it roughy down on her bedside table. It didn't take her long to fall into a deep sleep, dreaming about Joey Graceffa yet again.


After a long car journey, Samantha found herself standing for hours on end, in the rain, and an aggressive storm starting up. She was wet, cold, angry, and just plain fed up. "Thing's cannot get any worse". Suddenly she caught yes with someone she thought she knew not that far away. She quinted through the rain, the mn looking very familiar. She knew him alright... It was Joey Graceffa! Samanthacried out excitedly "or they could just go ahead and get better!" She made her way through the crowd, the rain beating down against her face. "Joey! Oh my gosh I can't beleive ot's you!" Joey looked round and smiled saying "do I know you?" Samantha shook her head and said quickly "oh no you don't know me, but I know you. I'm a huge fan of your videos on youtube".

Joey smied with pride and said sweetly "I'm glad to have such a pretty fan". Samantha jumped on the spot, and sqeaked with joy. "Well I best be off now, have a happy new year!" Joey said this aloud as he walked away. Samantha waved im a daze and said cheerfully "yes happy new year to you to!" Samantha said aloud to hersef "this might just have been the best ending to 2013 I could have ever imagined". As the ball began to drop, Samantha couldn't have been more happy stood in the freezing cold rain, with thunder sounding above. A smile on her face grew woder and wider, as she eagerly cried out "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!"


May 2014 bring you a bright future... Make the most of it though, theres only 365 and a quarter days in a year!

You never know, keep your hopes up, because you may be lucky to one day see Joey Graceffa...

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