They're Back

Do you ever get the feeling that there is a secret that you don't know about? Like something is happening right behind your back, but you cant turn around. That's what I'm feeling right now. But its more than just the newest celebrity couple. It's something weird, something that is not supposed to happen. Or is it someone?


2. Never have I ever....

After school I met up with Ellie.

"So did you ever see that boy again?" I asked. I know I hadn't seen my guy..

"No. Its like he just disappeared...." Ellie said.

"I know how you feel. The same thing with my guy."

"I just wish I had a chance to talk to him."

"I know." I sighed.

*          *                *                 *                    *                  *                  *         *             *                *

The next day when we got into the car, excitement feeling the air.

"Think that you'll see him again?" I asked her.

"Hopefully." she said, bouncing up and down in her seat.

Once we pulled into the parking lot at school, Ellie gasped.

"It's my guy!" she squealed. "Talking to your guy......." she trailed off.

I looked over quickly.

"Not that I care!" I giggled nervously.

"I didn't ask you if you cared..." she said giving me a look.

"You were thinking it." I fought back.

"Nope." she said popping the 'p'.

"Go talk to him!" she urged.

"But your-"


"But I can't-"


"But he'll-"


"But just-"


"Ok, ok sheesh." I said.

I got out of the car and looked towards where the boys were standing.

They were staring at me.

With no emotion either, just cold, dead eyes.

A chill went down my spine. I lifted my hand up and waved at them with my best smile.

He just stared.

"L-Lily. He's st-staring at me." Ellie stuttered.

"I know. Don't break eye contact." I said. I had no idea why I said that. It was like another person said it. But it was me, my voice.

"Hey, earth to Ellie!" Josh said, waving a hand in front of my face.

I quickly grabbed his wrist, sending his hand to a halt.

I craned my neck to look at the guys, but they were gone. I whipped my head around the lot, trying to get a glance of where they might be.

I spotted them in the deserted field near the main building.

They were walking at a normal pace, but they were moving very fast.

Like they were walking on a treadmill at a low walking speed, but the treadmill itself had wheels on it and the treadmill itself was moving 50 mph.

I furrowed my eyebrows at Ellie.

"Why don't you get to class, Ellie." I stated flatly.

She just nodded her head and started to walk to her own classes.

"What was that about?" asked Josh.

"Puppy. There was a puppy and I was watching it." I said. I was never really  good at lies.

Josh and I have been friends since third grade. We were best friends actually. We are like two lost kittens without each other. 

"So by the time I waved my hand in your face it had already ran to the field?" he smirked.

"It was a fast puppy." I stated.

"Ok." he laughed sarcastically.

"Well I'm having this party tonight and I want you to come." he said easily.

"Sure what time."


"I'll be there."

"Great." he smiled then walked away.

"Great." I whispered to myself. Maybe I can get the guy off my mind with this.

I liked Josh's parties. He is a jock but isn't the one to throw a party with beer. He makes sure everyone has a good time though. Well its worth a shot.

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