The Outsiders

What if Johnny never killed the socs and died and What if Dallas didn't die. This is the story of what happens when 1 girl named Alex and her brother named David moved to Tulsa Oklahoma after her parents moved to the west side of Oklahoma after Alex got in a fight with some girls at school. On her first day of school she meets some people that would change her life forever.


4. Talking


                                                                  Dally's P.O.V  

                                       I felt a pain on my face and all I see is Davids sister  walking away from the gang. "That bitch punched me!" I said looking at David. "Well to be fair you did call her scared."  "SO!" "she wasn't scared you just kept getting closer to her and she doesn't like that." "I'm going to get her back!" I say getting up and heading towards the direction of the school. "No your not!" I hear David getting closer to me. "who's going to stop me." I say while smirking "I will!" I feel hes hand on my shoulder. "Come om David you wont hurt me." I say turning around to him "I will if you lay one finger on her!" He says glaring at me. I then realize how much he cares about he "Fine!" I sigh. "Thank you." All the gang is caught up to us. We all walk to the school but Soda and Steve left before me and David got in a fight. So now it was just me, Johnny, Ponyboy, Two-bit, and David. I was walking next to David. I quickly whisper to him "You really care about her." "Ya I do shes all I got." He said looking to me. "What about your parents." "My mom is dead and my dad hates us." He says looking down. "Other siblings?" I ask "My older sister died with my mom." he said looking up at the sky. He looked sad. "Oh i'm sorry." "Its OK.... you didn't know." I was about to say something but then Pony yelled "OK were here bye Dally!" I look back at David. He walks up the stairs. I walk away heading in the direction of bucks place. 

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