The Outsiders

What if Johnny never killed the socs and died and What if Dallas didn't die. This is the story of what happens when 1 girl named Alex and her brother named David moved to Tulsa Oklahoma after her parents moved to the west side of Oklahoma after Alex got in a fight with some girls at school. On her first day of school she meets some people that would change her life forever.


1. S.E Hinton



                                           I just wanted to say that i am using some events/characters from the book/movie by S.E Hinton. I am making up some events and characters too so, ya i just wanted to say that so, umm.... enjoy. Oh and i just wanted to say that if i put music in here or something like that then it might be a song in 2013/2012 you know stuff like and  I apologize fir that but i wasnt born in the 1980/90 so ya...... bye. If you want to see the outfits then i will be posting them on the website my account is aliengirl2253

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