The Outsiders

What if Johnny never killed the socs and died and What if Dallas didn't die. This is the story of what happens when 1 girl named Alex and her brother named David moved to Tulsa Oklahoma after her parents moved to the west side of Oklahoma after Alex got in a fight with some girls at school. On her first day of school she meets some people that would change her life forever.


2. getting ready.


                                            I wake up in my red and black bedroom to my alarm clock telling me its 6:00. "Time to get ready for school" I think to myself. I attempted to get up but fell back down. "man I am lazy." i think to myself. I just lay in bed staring at my ceiling. "ALEX GET UP YOUR ALARM IS ANOYING!!" yelles my brother David. "B-BUT WHY?" i scream back. "BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO BE LATE ON YOUR FIRST DAY!" He yelled walking in to my room. he had his dark brown hair combed back and had on a long sleeve shirt that was rolled up on with white khakis on. "What if I don't want to." I said stuffing my head in my pillow. "Come on al you know how dad get's." "If you don't get to school on time he will be angry and I don't want you to get hurt again." he said  "Alright." I sighed getting up and heading towards the bathroom "good now ill be downstairs making breakfast." he said running out the door. I got into the shower washed my hair then got out. I got dressed in a black shirt, some jeans that had holes on them, some converse and one of my brothers sweatshirts. I liked wearing my brothers sweatshirts because I didn't really have any because my dad don't buy me them cause they say "girls don't wear sweatshirts cause they're for boys."  I've only been her for a couple months and i know about the rivalries between the socs and the greasers, and yes I am a socs. I don't want to be its not my fault that my Dad  is rich i don't want to be a socs because all they do for fun is jump the greasers. I think all the greasers have all the fun even though they life in poor conditions. For the couple months iv been here I haven't been outside much because i like the indoors but I have been out to the park. I usually just sit at a tree and read one of my books. I haven't been to a movie though even though I want to but my dad says "you cant go to the movies until you have a friend"but, the thing is, I cant make friends I don't know why but I can't and its not because i'm shy, cause i'm far from shy but all I see is greasers and since i'm a I cant just go up to them and say "Hi i'm a socs and I was wondering if you want to go see a movie with me." That's just not how it works. I have seen socs around but I try to avoid them because all I see them do is get drunk and jump people. There is this one group of boys I see around the park. They're greasers of course but they seem nice and this one time one of the boys saw me looking at them he had brown hair greased back around 5'8 and had a strong jaw line. He looked about 14 wich is only a year older then me. I was just about to remember that day when my brother yelled "HEY ALEX HURRY UP DAD LEFT SO WERE WALKING!" " OK ILL BE DOWN IN A MINUET"  I yell. I brush my teeth and run downstairs only to find that my brother was sitting on the couch eating eggs. "breakfast is in the kitchen" He says looking up from the t.v to me "OK thanks." I say running to the kitchen to get an egg. I cook the egg got some orange juice from the fridge and sat on the couch. We were watching mickey mouse. When we were done we got our stuff together then walked out of the house.

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