Seeing her again

Mekenna has went on a trip with her best friend Noelle.On the way they had a horible storm and what happens next read to find out.


2. The castle

 Dad were are we?? dad,dad,DAD!!!! Hon were are you??? im over here i see noelle. NOELLE!!! Mekenna?? noelle were are we??? i dont know but there is somthing i have to show you. dad come on! Is that a castle maybe we can call for help. No Mekenna you dont understan we are dead, i think. But come in i have already reconized a person you have lost and I think you are gonna be pretty proud. mom?? MOM!!! were are we? you are dead. you came in a big snow storm. How did you get here you were at home. I got robbed they took everything i had. well we had. Hun we are gonna have to explain everthing after you have met the king. No mom we have to go home. NO!! mom who is that? Its the king he is probly very dispointed in me i have not told you were here i will have to face the consaquinces. no mom it was my fault. COME FORWARD!! Mom you stay here ill go. YES BRING THE CHILD. YES COME IN MY CASTLE. WE HAVE TO ,TALK.

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