Seeing her again

Mekenna has went on a trip with her best friend Noelle.On the way they had a horible storm and what happens next read to find out.


3. Lock her up!

 What are you gonna taljk to med eabout? I am very dissapointed in you. Me? Yes. You have been in my sight for about, lets say 2 years. I am the one that killed you. I am the one that caused the storm. What why? Can you bring us all back??? Yes. Well please let us all go back,please!! I cant you were to die anyway. How? You would have crash when that tornato came you guys were talking and not watching the sea. yeah so. The tornato was to scare you and it was to pass you, but you didnt care you guys didnt try to get awwayy from it, uoy guys watched it so i orded the tornato to hit you guys.YOU PEACE OF ....!!! Soldiers! Yes master? Lock her up in the dungen. You cant do that. Yes we CAN!! we are to do that! AHHHHHH!! HELP!!           Were am i? hello??? Mekenna is that you?? Noelle?? Mekenna were are you i dont see you! im underground in the dungeon. well i am gonna go get your dad and he will save you. HURRY!!! Honny? Honny? HONNY? Down here! oh hun i am here i am heere. Oh dad run they are coming.!.! GET BACK HERE!!!! help! ahhh!!!! i am falling!!!

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