Midnight Memories

Noah is a girl who everybody thinks is perfect. She has gorgeous light orange hair with blonde highlights. She has cute little freckles on her soft white skin. And beautiful aqua green eyes. She has all the talent a person could ever want, he sing amazingly, dance, play guitar, piano, and drums, draw, and play almost every sport out there. But what people don't know about her is her dark past. She builds her walls up do high nobody can climb them, or knock them down. When One Direction comes into the picture, will they be able to knock them down?


4. Merry Christmas

Noah 's POV

I took the elevator up to my room and looked at the dress my mom wanted me to wear. After looking at it for about 2 minutes, I decided on something else. I wanted something more Christmas and comfortable. I slipped that on, minus the scarf thing and went downstairs. I sighed remembering what happened to my guitar. "Aunt Dee!" I screamed. "Darling please call me Dee" I nodded my head. "CAN I invite a few families over?" I asked her referring to the boys family. "Of course. And I love your outfit, it's very cute" I smiled at her,she is just so nice. So I pulled my iPhone 5s out of my pocket and decided go call Louis. He seemed really kind and funny. "Hello" he answered. "Hey, it's me Noah." I could just tell he was smiling, "Hi!" Oh my fucking God, he's too loud. "Ya hi, so I was wondering if you ans the boys, and obviously your family would like to come to our house for the afternoon?" I asked him. He screamed into the phone. "Hold on." I heard him yelling across the house and then he picked the phone back up, "of course buttercup!" I smiled to my self, "Okay great, you can come over whenever. If you guys don't want to come to the church part. Come in 30 ,minutes. Bye" I hung up and went into the music room, and picked out another guitar. I'm still really losses off by my mom but I'll get over it. *Skipping to the part where Noah sings, 'Its your life' and the boys family comes* "Hello. I'm going to sing another song. Hope you like it" I told the huge audience. I took a deep breath, "This is the moment. It's on the line. Which wah you gonna fall? In the middle between. Wrong and right. But you know after all. It's your life. What you gonna do. The world is watching you. Everyday the choices you make. Say what you are and who. Your heart beats for. It's an open door. It's your life..." after I was finished I heard a lot of clapping. I smiled and got up. "OH hi!" I said waving to the boys. They came walking over. Well Lou skipped over. "You were amazing!" Aww thanks. So do you guys want to go swimming?" I just got a new bikini it was really cute. "But it's kinda cold" Liam said, OH Liam. "That is why we will swim in hot tube" I responded pointing to the big swimming pool. "Damn that's big!" I nodded my head and said, "now go get your swimming stuff in" then I ran in side and hurried up the stairs. I took off my Christmas outfit and slipped on my new purple lace bikini. I grabbed some towels and went down the elevator. When the door opened the boys were standing there shirtless. They were really hot, but I played it cool. "Woah you look amazing" I nodded my head as a thank you. I raced out side so I would be first on the high dive. I climbed up and did a backdrop into a backwards dive. "DAMN!" They screamed. We all just swam, ate, watched movies, talked. And pretty much anything else. "Bye you guys. Merry Christmas" I told them. I then went up to all of them and gave them a kiss on the cheek. I was totally in love with them.

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