Midnight Memories

Noah is a girl who everybody thinks is perfect. She has gorgeous light orange hair with blonde highlights. She has cute little freckles on her soft white skin. And beautiful aqua green eyes. She has all the talent a person could ever want, he sing amazingly, dance, play guitar, piano, and drums, draw, and play almost every sport out there. But what people don't know about her is her dark past. She builds her walls up do high nobody can climb them, or knock them down. When One Direction comes into the picture, will they be able to knock them down?


6. Feelings & Thought, short chapter

Noah 's POV


I can't be falling in love with them I just can't. I don't want them to know my dark past. I don't want my heart broken again. And why would they even like me, I'm not good enough for them. They deserve better then me. Ugh Noah just stop! You're outputting yourself down. I went up to my room and undressed, putting some comfortable jammies on, then drifted off still putting myself down. 


Niall's POV 


She was so perfect I couldn't even get over it. If she doesn't thinks so, I need to have a serious conversation with her. But I knows the other boys feel the same way about her. So I wouldn't even have a chance. I bet Harry will snatch her up, and she will fall for his good looks and charms. But I can at least try I guess. 


Louis' POV


She is amazing oh my gosh! I need to make her mine. I'm guessing everybody else feels the same way. I'm guessing Harry will get her. I just don't understand, I mean he's a great guy, and one of my best mates but it's not fair that he can make all the girls to fall for him. I have to give it a shot, maybe she will fall for me?


Zayn's POV


She is gorgeous, just wow. We had a blast with her today. But I don't k ow if I have feelings for her. Like all the other boys have a crush on her, and she can only pick one. And I don't think I'm the first person that comes to her mind. She doesn't really seem my type even. She seems like a very sporty person, which Lou is. But she also seems kinda flirty, which is Harry. I could go on but I don't really want. I guess it's just up to her.


Liam's POV


Ya ya ya, I have feelings for Noah, just like the other lads. But I'm guessing Harry will snatch her up. 


Harry's POV 


Yup, I'm going to make Noah mine. No doubt about it, even the boys know that. She is just so perfect, the way her eyes glow in the light, how her hair flows in the wind, how she trails off when talking to us and then mumbles looking down, how she smiles or laughs, even her voice. It's so perfect her American accent. I could listen to her all day. Oh how I just want to hold her, tell her she's perfect. And hopefully soon that will happen. "Goodnight everbody" I shouted so everybody could hear me. Then I closed my eyes dreaming about Noah.


A/N- Hey so that was just a short little chapter on how all the boys feel about Noah. So yah. Uh I hoped you enjoyed in! Like , favourite, comment this book. Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (I was going to say, happy Christmas. Lol) 

Bye boos! I love every single one of you. Stay beautiful!

Xx Dill PicklexX 

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