Midnight Memories

Noah is a girl who everybody thinks is perfect. She has gorgeous light orange hair with blonde highlights. She has cute little freckles on her soft white skin. And beautiful aqua green eyes. She has all the talent a person could ever want, he sing amazingly, dance, play guitar, piano, and drums, draw, and play almost every sport out there. But what people don't know about her is her dark past. She builds her walls up do high nobody can climb them, or knock them down. When One Direction comes into the picture, will they be able to knock them down?


5. A/N & Outfits

Hey you boos! It's Dill Pickle. So how is everybody doing today? I hope good, so this is my new movella. I will be updating all this break. Are you guys excited it's Christmas in two days. And Christmas eve/Louis' birthday. Okay love every single one of you! Here are Noahs outfits. Stay beautiful!


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