How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


25. Twenty three

I don't know why I was thinking of Holly last night. I felt Kelly-Anne move abit before opening her eyes, "hi" I smiled at her, "did you sleep?" She asked, "kind of" I smiled before placing my lips to hers, she pulled the cover back and slipped out of bed, she went to the bathroom, "hey babe, what time are we leaving?" I asked her, "whenever Ni" She called back. She came back into the room "when do we have to Dublin?" "Tonight, have an interview tomorrow" I said getting out of bed to get changed.

"Come on Kell, we need to leave" I called up to her, just then she appeared with a small suitcase, I grabbed it from her as she hugged her ma goodbye, and then hugged her brother. Katherine pulled me into a hug, "look after my little girl" "I will" I smiled, "well Horan, it was nice to meet you, just don't hurt my little sister" "I don't plan on it" I said to him taking Kelly-Anne's hand, I put our stuff in the range rover and turned to face Kelly Anne's friends, she was wrapped around Dave, I could tell it was hurting her that she had to leave him again, I hugged Spencer and Jack and said goodbye, Kell finally let go of David and went to hug Spencer, "hey Niall, it's being a pleasure man" Dave smiled at me before pulling me into a hug. "It has, and hey your always more than welcome to come visit" I said to him.

The car ride was silent, I could tell Kelly was trying her best not to cry, I took her hand and gave it a squeeze reassuringly, she turned and gave me a weak smile. We finally got to my house in Mullingar, I smiled at her before opening my door, she repeated my actions. I walked up and opened the door, "I'm here!" I shouted walking in. I could tell Kelly was nervous, first to appear was Greg with Theo in his arms, "Well Niall, this is must be the lovely Kelly Anne?" He smiled towards her, "Hi" she smiled shyly, I walked and took Theo in my arms, "Theo, this is my beautiful girlfriend KellyAnne, KellyAnne this is my beautiful nephew Theo." I said, "hello Theo, well aren't you handsome, not like your uncle Niall" she laughed, "hey!" I responded, "Niall I'm joking your beautiful" she smiled, "Well Niall you could have told us she was that beautiful" I heard my ma say, and Kell blushed straight away, "well ma this is KellyAnne, KellyAnne this is my ma" I smiled, my ma had her in a hug straight away, "it's lovely to meet you at last KellyAnne" she smiled pulling away, "you too Maura" she smiled, "this is Greg, Denise, and my da Bobby" she hugged them all, "okay go up and leave your stuff in Niall's room" ma smiled and I walked up gesturing for Kelly to follow, I opened my bedroom door and she followed me. She left her stuff on the floor and flopped onto my bed, "babe, I want you to meet some of my friends" I smiled at her pulling her up. "Okay, what time is dinner?" "3:30" I smiled. We walked down stairs and told my ma will be back in awhile, I took her hand and walked to the pub down the road. "Niall!, who is this lovely lady?" Brian my old time friend asked "Brian this is KellyAnne, KellyAnne this is Brian" I said to them, "so this is the lovely KellyAnne" I heard Holly say, I rolled my eyes and turned to face her, "KellyAnne, this is Holly, Holly this is KellyAnne" "it's lovely to meet you Holly" she smiled at her, "yeah" and then Holly walked off. "Did I do something?" Kell asked, "no baby, she's odd" I said to her taking her hand pulling her to the bar, I ordered two pints and walked to the table where Holly Brian, Joey and Lee (a/n this are just random names). I introduced Kelly to everyone else and Holly sat there giving Kelly dirty looks. "Holly can you help me get drinks?" I asked her, she smile and nodded. We walked to the bars, "Holly what is wrong with you?" I asked her, "what do you mean?" She asked innocently, "don't play stupid Holly, look I want us to be friends but if your going to be horrible, I'm sorry Holly we can't be friends" I said, "I'm sorry Niall, but I still love you and after everything we've being through you's seriously pick her over me" "I'd do anything for her Holly" I grabbed what drinks I could and walked back to the table.

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