How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


2. Starbucks

I just stood there for what felt like 10 minutes, but in reality i'd say it was about 5 seconds. "Your not going to faint, are you?" Louis laughed. I shook my head i couldn't seem to find my voice, "Do you talk?" Louis asked one eyebrow raised. "I'm sorry, I am super fan-girling over here the only famous people I ever met were Jedward!" I blurted out with an awkward laugh, "aye an Irish one?" He questioned either my accent or the fact i only ever met Jedward gave it away. "Yep" I smiled."well....." he paused for a moment "sorry I didn't get your name?" he smiled "Kelly-Anne" I smiled back, "well Kelly-Anne, it has been a pleasure, but i was ment to meet Niall about 20 minutes ago so I'm going to head on!" he smiled "hey Louis, could I get a picture? no-one will ever believe me!" i laughed taking out my iPhone, "sure" he said jumping in beside me pulling a really strange face. "bye Louis!" I smiled "goodbye Kelly!" "Anne!" I shouted after him, He laughed.

Oh my!, I wasn't expecting that, I thought to myself as I headed toward starbucks to get myself a coffee before going home.


I walked up to the counter in starbucks and asked for a small iced-latte, I gave him my name and waited in line till he called "Kelly-Anne", I walked to the till "for here? or take away?" he smiled, "here, please" I replied. He handed my cup to me "thank you and have a good day!" he smiled cheerfully at me, "thanks, you too" I said walking away to the window seat, I sat down and took out my phone and clicked into to twitter, I uploaded the picture of Louis and I, "look who I ran into today literally Mr Louis Tomlinson!!! Super exciting!" I hit post then travelled down my feed to be nosy, when I heard "it must be fate!" I looked up to see Louis infront of me with Niall at his side. "you again?" I smiled as they both slide in across from me. "are these seats taken?" Louis smiled I shook my head "lost for words again?, Careful Niall she might faint" Louis laughed "shut up Louis!" I laughed to try cover up that I was blushing like crazy. "Niall" Niall smiled reaching over the table to shake my hand "Kelly-Anne" I smiled. "it's just Kelly" Louis laughed, "Louis go get us coffee!" Niall smiled as Louis was jumping over the seat. "So your Irish?" he shot me a smile "uh huh" I smiled back, "What part you from?" he asked me "Carlow" I smiled, "cool!" he smiled, "Do you ever miss it?" I asked him, "Everyday!, you wouldn't realise it until you know theres only certain times you can go back!" he said sadly, then he looked up at me "Do you?". "Not really to be honest" I replied.

then Louis returned with only one cup, "where's mine?" Nial looked at the one cup on the table "I didn't realise you wanted one Niall" Louis laughed "Your an ass" Niall laughed getting up to go get a cup "You want another Kelly-Anne" he smiled back at me. "No, thank you Niall" I replied. "So Kelly, what brings you to starbucks?" Louis asked me. "Coffee" I laughed, "yes, that was a stupid question" he laughed "Yes" I smiled. Niall came back with his coffee in one hand and a muffin in the other, He slid into the seat "Niall, your going to end up with diabetes I swear" Louis laughed, "Ah it'll be grand"He laughed, then I laughed. "what's funny?" Niall asked me smiling, "your laugh is so cute!" I replied. We kept talking about Ireland and their tour and stuff then i looked at my phone "we've been here two hours , I should head up home, It was lovely meeting you boys , maybe again another time" I smiled "hey Kelly-Anne, could I get your number?" Niall asked me. WHAT??? Niall Horan is asking me for my number!!! "sure" I smiled giving him the number "Cya Kelly for about the fourth time today!" "goodbye Louis!" I laughed, "Goodbye Kelly-Anne" Niall smiled getting up to hug me, I hugged back "bye Niall" i smiled, I walked away with the biggest smile on my face!


Authors Note;

Hey guys, this is my first one of these, I hope you like it!, I am planning to continue it! please let me know what you think!



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