How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


18. sixteen

Once the concert was over the lads all came backstage, Niall grabbed me by the waist and spun me around, "Ewh sweaty!" I cried, "ah be quiet, and kiss me" he smiled, I leaned against him and placed my lips on his. "get a room" Liam laughed I pulled away and started laughing, Niall pulled me to his waist and whispered in my ear, "I love you Kell" I looked at him, "love you too baby" , "where are we going next?" I asked, "Ireland" Niall smiled, "time to meet the parents!" He added. Paul came in, "alright lads, were leaving for Ireland at 4:15 am so go back and gets loads of rest and I'll see you's in the morning!" He said. Sooner or later I got Niall to leave, all I had to do was mention food.

So we set off to Nando's.

We got out of the car and went into Nando's, then a crowd of rowdy girls started screaming and pointing, "Oh god" I said a tad bit scared. One of them came over "Hi could I get a picture?, I love you all so much we were just at the concert" she smiled, "sure you can" he smiled back. "I'll go order food" he nodded smiling for the picture then all her friends ran over asking for some pictures. I laughed and went up to the counter I ordered us both food when the food was ready Niall was still taking pictures, so I went and took a seat and started eating a few minutes later, Niall was running over "Hey sorry I forgot that might happen" he plopped down across from me and started eating, "The show was great wasn't it" he smiled "Yeah I loved the part when Liam pulled Harry's bottoms down" I winked, his face went from happy to serious, I placed my hand on his, "Im joking baby, your the only man for me" and then his face lit up again, "Love you baby". Once we were finished we paid the bill and left, there were paps everywhere Niall and I ran to his jeep and jumped in, He started the car and we set off to the hotel, "that was craziness" I laughed, "that's us everyday" he smiled and placed his hand on my thigh "Today was fun" I smiled. And we got out of the jeep and went into the hotel, we went up to our room. "Hey I'm going to get a shower" I said Niall smiled an raised his eyebrow, "No way in hell" I smiled and went into the bathroom, I turned the shower on, stripped naked and got in to the roasting water a few seconds later I heard the door open, "Niallllll!!!! Get out" I whined a few seconds later, he was in the shower with me. I hit him on the chest, "Niall" and then his lips were on mine, "I'm only here because you'll take all the hot water" he smiled down at me, "Oh really?, I see" I smiled pretending to leave and then I felt Niall's arms around my waist "I'm only joking baby, stay?" He asked pulling me close to his naked body. "We're only washing Niall" I laughed, he pouted "Pass me the shampoo" I passed it to him and he started to massage my head. Then there was a knock on the door "Niall? Kelly-Anne?" I heard Louis call he sounded upset, "You go get it I'll finish up here and be out" I said and Niall jumped out and grabbed a towel.

Niall's P.O.V

I ran over to the door and opened it to see Louis red eyed at the door, "Hey man, what's up?" I asked him, "Me and El we had a massive fight and I think it's finished" he cried "Hey man, come in ill just throw on clothes two seconds" he came in and sat on the couch I ran over to my suitcase I grabbed a pair of boxers and a t shirt and put them on I went over and sat beside Louis "So what happened?" I asked, "after the show, she text me and said Hey Lou, I think it would be good for us and a break for abit and I said why? And she said she's sick of the hate and known as Louis's girlfriend she needs to clear her head and then I said it never stopped you before so are you thinking of someone else? And she got really mad and rang me saying I don't treat her right blah blah" by now he was crying and Kelly was walking out of the bathroom, I pulled Louis into a hug, "let it all calm down ring her tomorrow when we land it'll work itself out" I smiled at him, Kelly came to join me at the other side of Louis, "it'll all work out Lou" she kissed him on the cheek "I'm going to get dressed" she walked over and grabbed one of my shirts and a pair of pyjamas shorts and went into the bathroom, "so you okay?" I asked Louis he nodded, "Want a game of FIFA?" He asked, "Yeah man, your room?" I asked, "Yeah" he laughed, I shouted out to Kelly, "follow me to Louis's!" "yeah" she shouted back and I followed Louis to his room.

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