How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


19. seventeen

Kelly's POV

Niall and Louis left a second ago, I sat down to dry my hair, when it was dried I pulled it in to a fishtail braid. I grabbed a pair of socks and slippers and padded down to Louis room, all the lads were there, trying to cheer him up I'm guessing. "Hey Kell, want a game?" Harry asked, "I'll only kick your asses" I smiled. They all laughed, except Louis. "Awh Lou, c'mere" I said pulling him into a hug, "crushing.. mee... Kell" he panted "Sorry Lou" I said letting him go. My phone vibrated

One new message

Unknown number

Hey Kelly Anne, it's Dave here, heard your coming to Ireland, hope to see you when your home x

I smiled, I miss Dave, "why are you smiling?" Niall asked me, "A friend texted me" I smiled and hit reply

Hopefully Dave, miss you loads xx

And clicked send.

"Hey guys early start in the morning, don't stay up late!, I'm going to head up to bed" I smiled and got up to leave, "hey hold up I'll go with you" Niall said, "It's fine you only started playing"I smiled and left, I went up to the room and took off my shoes and got into bed and it wasn't long before if was asleep, it felt like I was asleep for 10 minutes when Niall was waking me, "Hey baby, come on we're going home" he was shaking me, I woke and looked at him, "what time is it?" "3:00 am" he smiled "ughhhhhhh" I said rolling over and getting out of bed, I went into the bathroom. I washed my face and body I wrapped a towel around me. I walked out to the room Niall was at his suitcase, he looked up at me and bit his lip. "Let's just going to bed" he smiled, "Nah" I smiled pulling out a pair of jeans and a sweater I put them on and my white doc martins. I stood up and gathered my stuff and threw them into the suitcase, I zipped it up and went over to make the bed. Then I felt strong arms wrap around my waist, I turned and locked lips with him. "get ready" I smiled. Went over to his suitcase and started to fold his tshirts, "your so messy sometimes Ni" I laughed "I know" he smiled back gathering his stuff and bringing them over to me, after we packed the suitcases and cleaned the room, we went down to the tour bus and got into Niall's bunk, "We'll be leaving in a minute, just waiting on the boys and were on the way to the airport" Paul said, "thanks Paul" I smiled and cuddled into Niall, "I'm excited" he smiled looking down at me, "me too" I lied, I was really afraid I didn't want to go to Ireland, I was afraid of meeting Niall's family, what if they don't like me?. I was interrupted by the boys coming on to the bus. They all jumped into their bunks. "Good morning guys" I smiled, "Hello" they all mumbled, then Paul jumped on to the bus, "You all ready?" We all nodded and we drove towards the plane, I sat beside Louis on the plane, "Hey Lou, you okay?" I smiled lightly at him, "yeah, guess I'll have to be" he smiled, "so you going to ring her?" I asked. "No I don't think so" he said, "Hey Lou, smile" I pinched his cheeks he laughed . Soon enough he was asleep. We got to Ireland and by the time we got to the hotel, it was 6:30 am, we got our rooms and left our stuff in there. We have the next two days off so me and Niall got to visit our friends I can't wait to see my mother I just don't want to see anyone else, after we got settled I grabbed a bag and threw a pair of leggings and a top into it, "What time is your bus?" Niall asked me, "9:50" I smiled, " want to get breakfast?" Niall asked me, "Yeah sounds savage" I smiled and I walked over to him. We went down to the restaurant and got food, it was half 7 by the time we finished and were setting off up stairs "What time you going home at?" I asked "11:00, are you sure you don't want a lift? I feel horrible letting you go alone" he said clearly concerned, "Niall, it's fine are you coming for dinner tomorrow?" I asked he nodded, "and I'm making a reservation for after the first concert for my parents and us" he smiled walking into our room "sounds great" I smiled. Niall pecked me on the lips. I walked away and waited for the bus at the bus station around from the hotel, I plugged in my earphones and played 'All I want' by Kodaline (amazing song! Listen to it:)), then the bus pulled up and I paid my fair and sat at the back of the bus, my phone vibrated

I was leaving for the bus, "cya tomorrow baby" Niall smiled as he leaned into kiss me, "text me" I smiled kissing him back " I love you" he shouted after me as I was walking to the bus stop outside the hotel, I plugged in my earphones and turned on 'all I want' by kodaline (amazing song guys btw listen to it!:)) and waited for my bus, it pulled up and I got on, my phone vibrated One New Message

Niall:) xx

Miss you already baby love you xxxx

I smiled to myself and replied

love you loads baby xxxxxx

*Skips bus ride*

I arrived at my hometown about 11:00 am and walked up to my house and knocked my door, I was greeted by my older brother, he pulled me into a massive hug "Hey little sis" he said "Hey" I smiled up at him "I missed you!" He exclaimed as he took my bag and stood aside to let me in, my mother pulled me into a massive hug, "baby I missed you so much!" She cried out, "Hey ma" I smiled she let me go, I ran up stairs to my room, I walked in and threw my bag into the bed and looked through my old wardrobe, I pulled out a pair of Aztec shorts and a Rolling Stones tshirt, and my white vans. I tied my hair into a high ponytail, it was really warm out for once. I ran down stairs, "Want to go for a coffee?" I asked my mother and brother they nodded and we left and got in to the car and drove to the cafe down town, I took out my phone and texted Niall,

Hey baby just home having coffee with the fan, love you xxx

I clicked send and then wrote another to my friend Dave

Hey Dave just got to Carlow, want to meet up? Get some food?

I pressed send and lay my phone down on the table.

"So this boyfriend of yours, pretty serious so is it?" My brother James asked me when my mother went to get drinks , I nodded "well he better not hurt you or I'll hurt him!" He said and I laughed and my phone vibrated

One new message


Yeah up at the river?:) at about 2?

I hit reply

Yeah no car could I catch a lift?:)

And brought my attention back to my mother who was carrying over 3 coffees, she placed them on the table and I grabbed the nicest looking one "hey I was going for that one" James pouted.

One new message



I smiled, Niall must be driving he hasn't text me yet anyway, soon enough we headed home, cousins and aunties and uncles were up to visit, it was crazy I needed a break I walked to the shop and the first thing that caught my eye when I walked...


Then underneath was a picture from the other night at Nando's of my hand over Niall's, oh no it was on every news paper!!

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