How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


16. chapter fourteen

*Next morning*

Kelly-Anne's POV

I woke Niall at 10 am, "hey Ni, wake up Louis texted me were going for food" I said shaking him a small bit, he mumbled and rolled over to face me. "Good morning beautiful " he smiled, "come on get up" I smiled. He got up and walked over to his suitcase he got a pair of black skinny jeans, and a white t shirt and started to change, I walked over to mine I changed into a pair of denim jeans and a white crop top I pulled on my white converse, I brushed my hair and plaited it I then put on my white bandana. I walked over to Niall who was now sitting on the bed "Hey Kell, I know you don't want to ruin our friendship, but ehm I'm really crazy about you and I would love for you to be my girlfriend" he looked away before I got a chance to answer he jumped back in "I mean we don't have to go public for awhile or anything" I pulled his face up to face me "I'd love too Niall" I leaned in and kissed him, when I pulled away I smiled "now come on I'm starving!" I laughed. I grabbed the key and we left and met the boys at Zayns room, Paul was there "okay lads it's packed with fans out there, so stay tight" he said and they all nodded. Once we got to the door I realised Paul wasn't joking Harry stepped out with Paul first then there was more security to assist the rest of us, the boys signed some autographs and took pictures with the fans. They are all so cute, there was two cars waiting at the end of the path and we all made our way to them I got in the car with Louis and Niall and the rest got into the other car, Niall looked back at me and smiled I smiled back letting him know it was fine to tell Louis "hey Lou, guess what?" Niall smiled, "what?" He asked "you have to guess" I whined "no tell me" he whined back "me and Niall are together" I blurted out and Louis looked at Niall then me and then Niall again he smiled "we knew it would happen" a smirk playing on his lips I let out a laugh, soon we were pulling in behind the lads car at a little cafe down from the hotel. We got out of the car and Niall locked it and we followed the boys into the café, there was some girls in there, they started to fan girl immediately, they ran over asking for autographs and pictures, they are all so cute the boys have such a great fan base, they'd do anything for the boys. I walked up to the counter and there was a really cute girl serving with long brown hair pulled into a ponytail and really big eyes and long eye lashes, "Hi, do you know them?" She asked me pointing at the boys, "I'm their stylist" I smiled, "your the luckiest girl ever" she smiled "hey are you on twitter?" I asked her, "yeah" she smiled shyly, "write me your user name and you'll definitely be followed by one of them" "thank you so much!" She smiled handing me a piece of paper. "So what can I get you?" She smiled "I'll have 5 frys everything included and just a roll with sausages and egg please" I smiled, "be right over" she smiled "thank you" I smiled walking over to the biggest table, after about 10 minutes, Niall and Liam came over "did you order for us?" Niall smiled, I nodded "five frys everything on them?" I asked, "good woman" Niall said slipping in beside me he put his hand on my knee and turned and looked at me, "we'll tell them in a minute" he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my entire body. I nodded. The rest of the boys came over Harry and Louis slipped in beside Liam and Zayn slipped in beside Niall, Lorna(the waitress) came over with two frys and my roll, she handed me my roll and left the frys on the table and let the lads fight for them, Niall got the first one without a fight and Louis got the second then Lorna came back with the other three. "Thanks" they all said in unison, I winked at her. When the boys were half way through the breakfast Niall looked up and then looked at me, I nodded. "Hey guys, we need to tell you something" they all looked up from their food, "Kelly-Anne and I are together" Harry nearly choked, "what?" He asked we all laughed, "Niall how on earth did you get a beautiful girl like Kelly?" I laughed "Harry styles, Kelly-Anne is my woman!" Niall looked at Harry with his eye brow raised, "yes but how?, it's the Irish connection isn't it?" He laughed. "Oh Harry!" I laughed. After breakfast we paid and went back to the hotel, me and Niall went up to our room I flopped on the bed, "so Horan, what time are we leaving for rehearsals at?" "half 12 I believe, shows at 5" he smiled, "okay it's 12 now, so what will we do?" I pulled him down on the bed beside me, "actually, go on to Twitter there, I need you to follow someone for me" "oh do you now, who is it?" "Lorna, the waitress" I smiled and gave him her twitter user name once he followed her I took his phone out of his hand and leaned over and kissed him "your beautiful Horan" I smiled against his lips "as are you" he kissed me again. I jumped up and ran over to the couch I plopped myself down on it, Niall soon followed I turned the television on, and flicked through the music channels, then the boys came on singing little things and I left it on it was on Harry part which meant Niall was coming up soon, when he came on I could hear Niall singing along to me, I looked up and kissed him gently on the lips, "like I love you, ohhh" he finished.

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