How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


4. chapter four

Me and Alfie had been to the park and are back home, I was looking through my phone and I remembered that I need to save Niall's number I went into my messages and clicked on the number and pressed save 'Niall😄', I went up to my room plugged in my phone got into my shirt I sleep in and got into bed and thought the day over 'wow it's has been a crazy day, I am friends with 3 members of One direction and have an interview to be their stylist!' I was distracted from my thoughts by my phone viberating on the locker

One new message


Hey kell, wanna call over? Chill with the boys?😃 x

I smiled to myself and jumped out of bed again ran over to the suitcase and pulled out some grey sweats and my Rolling Stones shirt and pulled them on and then pulled on my vans and ran down stairs "Hey Sam I'm heading out, I won't be late" I shouted running out the door, I walked towards the boys house thinking 'I hope they like me' I thought to myself. I got to the door and was about to knock when Niall swung open the door "hey kell!, come in!" He grinned at me moving aside to let me in. Louis came running towards me "Kelly I missed you" "Louis it's only been like 4 hours" I laughed "I know" he pulled me into a hug. Niall pulled Louis off me "let's go to the sitting room to meet the boys" he smiled at me as I followed then into the sitting room. Liam smiled up at me "Oh hey Kelly-Anne" "Hi again Liam" I smiled at him, then Harry was standing in front of me "Hello blue eyes, I'm Harry" he threw me a beautiful smile "Kelly-Anne" I smiled back. "Harry leave her alone, and call her Kelly" Louis Was behind me smiling "Louis my name is Kelly-Anne" I laughed "Yeah yeah!" "Zany hurry up or we will start without you!" Niall shouted up stairs then there were footsteps running down "Hi I'm Zayn" he panted as he ran up to me "Kelly-Anne" I smiled "Louis told me your name was Kelly" I looked at Louis he shrugged his shoulders "what film lads?" Niall smiled "Toy story" Liam shouted "No way Liam! That will be four times this week!" Louis whined, Liam pouted. They decided on the titanic I love that film so much I was sat in between Niall and Louis, the two with food Niall had the popcorn on his lap and Louis had malteasers On his lap. Just as the film was ending I was in tears but I wasn't trying to let the boys see that I was crying but Niall saw "You are so soft" he laughed whispering in my ear "shhh, don't tell them" I smiled at Niall, he winked at me. "Hey guys where's the bathroom?" I asked when the film ended "Straight up stairs" Niall smiled at me "thanks" I replied smiling back at him and then I got up and ran up stairs and went to the toilet when I was finished I walked out Niall was walking upstairs "Hey, you okay?" He asked "Yep" I smiled at him he walked towards the room opposite the bathroom "Hey C'mere for a minute" He called to me I walked towards him. "hey have you an iPhone charger?" I asked "yeah here" he smiled handing me the charger I plugged my phone in. He patted the bed beside him I walked over and sat down, "I don't believe you about not missing Ireland" he said to me "Okay I do miss it sometimes" I smiled at him "sometimes?" I smiled "there's some people I miss seen you know, I had it hard back there I needed to get away from there" I smiled looking straight into his beautiful blue eyes, right then I fell for Niall Horan!. "I get you, maybe one day we can talk more about our past" he smiled at me "I'd love that" I smiled. We talked and laughed abit more, we talked about our families and how we miss them. I grabbed my phone it was 01:20 "Hey Niall I need to head home" I smiled "here I'll walk you over, do you have a jumper" I shook my head, he went to his wardrobe and pulled out a blue hollister jumper "Here put this on, you'll freeze out there" he smiled at me throwing it at me "Thanks" I smiled back at him, I pulled on the jumper put my phone in my pocket and we walked down stairs into the sittingroom "Hey lads I'm just going to walk Kell home be back in a minute" Niall said " See you tomorrow guys!" I smiled at them "Bye Kelly!" They all shouted at me. Me and Niall walked out the door and set off towards my house "Hey Kell how old are you?" Niall asked me "19"I smiled "Cool" he smiled back. We were outside my house now. "Thanks for walking me home Niall and a great night and for keeping my titanic secret" I winked at him. "It was my pleasure" he smiled pulling me into a hug "I'll see you tomorrow" he smiled at me. I walked up to the door "Bye Ni" I smiled back at him. 'Wow he really is beautiful' I thought to myself

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