How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


12. chapter eleven

Warning!!!; sexual content ahead!!

We've been on the bus three days now, we've done 4 shows. We're in South Hampton now and checking into a hotel, "Okay guys, what way are we sleeping, there are 5 rooms and 6 if us including Kelly" Louis said, "Kelly can stay with me if she doesn't mind" I smiled and looked at Kelly "Yeah that's fine" She smiled. We got our room keys and numbers and went up to them. I swiped the key into the door and Kelly went in and I followed "One bed" I looked at her, "yes your on the couch" she said with a really straight face,"Your kidding right" I asked. "Yeah I am" she laughed, I tackled her to the bed. "Niall, I'm sorry" she laughed trying me to push me off. I got up, "Niall why would you do that to me" she pouted, she sat up and I sat down beside her, "Awh I'm sorry" I smiled as I pulled her chin towards me, and pressed my lips to her, she wrapped her arms around my neck. She threw her leg over me so she was straddling me, the kiss got more passionate, I rolled over on top of her, I swiped my tongue along her bottom lip begging for entry, she let me in. I tugged at the button on her jeans, she pulled away, "Niall, this is my ehm, first eh time" she coughed out, "hey it's ok, we can stop if you want?", "no I want to, but I'm nervous" she said shyly, "I'll be gentle" I said to her as I pressed my lips back against hers, I unbuttoned her jeans and started to pull them down and she wiggled to help me take them off. I sat up and she kicked them off fully I ripped of my vest and went over to my case and got a condom, I went back over and took off my shoes, I started to unbuckle my belt when Kelly pulled me over to her and moved my hands away from my belt and she finished unbuckling it she unbuttoned my trousers and I pulled them down I kicked them off and got into bed. She got in beside me, I pulled her close to me and rolled over on top of her and started kissing her in tensely, I started to lift her top over her head when she did it herself, I kissed down her neck it only took me seconds to find her sweet spot, she moaned my name, I kissed all the way down her body till I got to the end of her stomach, she arched her hips up towards me I pulled her thong with my teeth down, she pulled me back up and started to kiss me wildly she kicked off her underwear and rolled over on me she started to kiss down my neck, I pulled off my boxers and ripped open the silver packet and pulled out the condom I rolled it on as she was kissing my neck still, I rolled over on top of her and started kissing her. I move my hands down her body until I got to her heat, I rubbed her clit, she let a moan escape her lips I smiled against her lips, I shoved one finger inside her, I pumped in and out, I then added another finger and pumped in and out, I pulled them out and lined myself up at her entrance "you ready?, it's going to hurt abit" I said to her she nodded. I pushed in, she let out a cry and but her lip, I stopped. "Keep going" she whispered "you sure?" She nodded and I continued in, once I was fully in I paused for a moment "move" she said, I nodded and started to move slowly in and out. She winced in pain and then it started to ease and she started to moan my name, "Ni, I-I'm clos-see" she said, "let it go" I smiled, as she let her climax go, I joined her, we both moaned each others names out of breath. I slowly pulled out and lay down beside her. She pulled the blanket up around her. I deposed the condom, and lay back beside her and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, "I'm sorry I hurt you" I whispered, she turned to face me, she looked up at me and kissed me "thank you Ni, and it's okay" she smiled before drifting off to sleep

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