How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


8. Chapter eight

"Hey Sam" I said walking into the kitchen where my sister was "Oh hey Kell," she smiled at me. Niall walked in after me "Hey Sam this is Niall"I said "I know" she smiled at him "Hi Niall I'm Sam" "nice to meet you Sam" he smiled at her. Then we headed up stairs Niall followed me into my room, I sat on the bed and gestured for him to sit beside me he did. "so what are your hobbies Kell?" Niall smiled at me "I love to dance I was in the pantos in Dublin" I smiled "Really?" "Yeah" I laughed "that's quite impressive" he laughed. "You have to show me one day" he smiled "no way,it's my private hobbie" I smiled "so you'll dance in the panto and not for me?" He pouted "don't pout, I'm in costume on stage" I nudged him "what if you dress up?" "No way" I laughed. Niall leaned over his lips inches from mine, my whole body had goosebumps and when he kissed me he gave me shivers all up my body, he swiped my bottom lip with his tongue looking for entrance I allowed him in and pretty soon it was turning into a rough kiss, he pulled me closer and I threw my leg over his so I was straddling him without breaking the kiss once, when we pulled away we were both shaking out of breath. "One day you will dance for me" he smiled "in your dreams" I laughed. I got up and grabbed a shirt and a pair of shorts "be right back Ni" I went into the bathroom and pulled off my clothes and changed into my bed shirt and pulled on my shorts I checked myself in the mirror and took off my make up. I walked out into my room where Niall was lying on my bed, "comfy?" I laughed "you look so much better without make up!" He smiled "thanks I think" I said brushing out my hair. I flopped down on the bed beside him and grabbed the remote and turned on "The Vampire Diaries". "No don't make me watch this" Niall moaned, "I love this!" I smiled as I got under the covers soon I drifted to sleep

*Next morning*

I woke up and looked at the clock 8:58, then a piece of paper caught my eye I picked it up and read it

Hey Kell, your so cute when you sleep anyway you fell asleep on me!:(, text me when your awake cutie -N xxx

He's so cute, I grabbed my phone and wrote a message to Niall

Hey Ni, just awake sorry I fell asleep!:( xx


(I'm just going to write "N" for Niall's messages.)

N:I'll forgive you this once:), wanna chill today? We won't watch the vampire diaries again! Xxx

K:this once?:) yeah mine or yours?, and no Ni we won't :p xxx

N: yeah, mine:) I'll pick out a movie :) xxx"

K: I'll be over about 11:) xxx

N: cool sounds good:) xxx

I got up and took out a pair of grey sweats and a white t shirt and Niall's hoodie, I pulled my hair into a loose ponytail and pulled on my white vans. I went down stairs. no one was home, I grabbed some bread and put it in the toaster, I made my self a cup of tea and waited for the toast, when I had finished my breakfast I decided to clean to pass a bit of time I cleaned all down stairs, then I got a phone call of One Directions Management telling me I got the job. WooHoo!!. I texted Niall

K:Got the job!:) xx

N: that's great!:) xxx

K:on the way Cya soon!:) xxx

I set off out the door towards the lads house. I got to the door and Louis swung the door open "Hey Lou!" i smiled entuascally at him "Heard you got the job! Get in there!" he yelled pulling me into a hug. "Need... air..... Lou!"i tried to get out but Louis was squeezing me. "Louis, We want to hug her too!" Harry whined as Louis let go of me and the rest of the boys came in to hug me. I'm really starting to like these boys I thought to myself smiling we spent the day watching movies and eating food and getting to know eachother. 

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