How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


7. chaper seven

I got up to the door I was really tempted to just turn around and go home but then I knocked and Liam was standing in front of me "Hey Kelly-Anne, management isn't here yet, come in" he smiled at me as he stepped aside to let me in I stepped in and Harry came up and hugged me "Oh hey Harry!" I laughed "Louis is mad at you" he laughed "oh no way why?" I asked "for doing that to him this morning" Liam answered "we've heard about it all morning" Zayn said walking down the stairs "sorry guys" I laughed then added "I'll go talk to him" the boys smiled and Harry said "he's in the sitting-room" "okay wish me luck guys" I smiled as i walked towards the sitting room "Hey Lou, I'm sorry" I smiled at Louis "Kelly.. I'll only forgive you if we can call you Kelly!" "Louis!" "Oh is there someone talking" "ok Lou you win!" I laughed tickling him. "It's save now guys!" I shouted out to the lads and they all burst through the door "hey where's Niall?" I asked "his room, go up to him" Harry winked at me then Niall came through the door " Oh hey Kell, I thought I heard you" he said jumping onto the couch beside me "hey guys what will I have to do for this interview" "just Niall's hair and like pick some outfits that will match and shit" Liam smiled "Oh cool" I smiled back, Niall gripped my hand and whispered "Don't worry, it'll be great!" I sent him a smile then there was a knock on the door, Louis jumped up "I've got it", after a few seconds a big man walked in "Hey lads" he said "hey Paul" they all said in unison then 4 women and men came in "hello, you must be Kelly-Anne" one woman smiled as I stood to greet them "Yes" I smiled they all introduce themselves to me they seemed really nice we all went into the kitchen they just asked abit about me and my back round in hair dressing and stuff and then Niall showed me a picture and I had to style his hair that way, to be honest it was very similar and then I just had to pick out some clothes for the boys that was that really. When management left Louis and Zayn left to go to the shop we decided we were going to watch a movie and Harry and Liam left to rent out a movie so it was just me and Niall "so that wasn't to bad was it?" Niall smiled taking my hand "no I guess not" I smiled back at him then we got up to go into the sitting room he sat down on the couch still holding my hand and pulled me down beside him "Kell, I need to talk to you" he smiled his face was inches from mine I wanted to lean in and kiss him "huh?" I asked him "I really like you Kell I have since I met you I know it was only yesterday" he laughed and leaned in to kiss me when the door opened and I heard Louis "we're back!" I could have killed him there and then I moved slightly away from Niall and took my hand from his Louis burst through the sitting room door. I was probably bright red right now. "We got the titanic!" Louis smiled "I love that film!" I smiled then the rest of the boys came in and sat down Louis put on the DVD, and sat down beside me "hey Lou, pass the food" Niall said "Niall the movie hasn't even started yet!" Louis cried "and?" Niall laughed as he put his arm around me too get the popcorn from Louis, I shook with delight he didn't remove it either which made me quite happy when the movie was over it was 9 o clock, my stomach grumbled Niall whispered in my ear "Want to go get food Kell?" "Yeah sure" I whispered back, Niall stood up and I stood beside him "we're going out lads see you's in a bit" Niall smiled "use protection" Harry laughed "don't be a dick Harry" I smiled at him as me and Niall walked out the door towards his black range rover. "So Horan, where we going?" "Nando's" he smiled at me as we were pulling out of his drive way. We small talked on the way to Nando's.

*at Nando's*

"so what are you ordering?"Niall smiled at me , "um I think I'll have a large fries and a strawberry milkshake, what about you?" I asked him "same I might get two" he smiled at me "lovely" I laughed. The waitress came over and took our orders and Niall's autograph. "Hey Kell, would you have let me?" Niall asked me "let you what horan?"I smiled at him "kiss you" he coughed "Yeah maybe" I smiled then the waitress came back with the food and we tucked in then we set off home to mine "hey want to come in?" I smiled at Niall "yeah sure" he smiled back

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