How life changed when you met Niall Horan

Kelly-Anne was your average girl, She recently moved to London from Ireland and She had a hard year and she just wants to wipe her slate clean and start over then she meets the One Direction boys..


9. chaper nine

*One Month later*

Niall's POV

It's been a month now since Kell got the job as our stylist and we haven't been on tour together yet so she has been doing shifts at Rubies, we are starting our tour in two day's and since we've all bonded we decided that Kelly-Anne will stay on our bus with us. We've decided to stay friends, but I am mad about her but its better we don't want to ruin the friendship we've made. I was sitting in my room I was trying to pack but I wasn't bothered, then Louis came into view "Hey Niall" he smiled walking in and sitting at the end of my bed "Hey Lou" I smiled back at him,"What's up man?" he asked "Nothing man, just thinking about home ya know" I replied "We'll be there in two weeks Niall, just hold on we're going home" he sang to me, I started to laugh. "That is a smile I love to see" he pinched my cheek."alright Lou,  I get it" I laughed "Good and stay that way" he patted my head and walked out, the truth was that all I have been thinking about is Kelly-Anne, I didn't really know how to tell Louis, so I lied, I got up and decided I needed to pack, I decided on a shower first.


Kelly-Anne's POV

I just got out of the shower and pulled my hair out of the towel and it flopped down to my waist, I walked over to the suitcase and grabbed my red shorts and a blue and white striped shirt and my white vans, I put them on and looked in the mirror. Oh my god, I felt like Louis in a girl version. I sat infront of the mirror and brushed out my hair, i picked up my hair dryer and started to dry my hair I wasn't bothered drying it straight so I left it hanging down in waves, I got up and grabbed my sun glasses from the bedside table , It was really hot out today, I didn't bother with make up. I set down stairs, No one was home, I had packed for touring last night, I'm super excited for this. I went out the door over to the boys house, We've really all become good friends, but I'm so close with Niall. I really like him, I know that he likes me too, but we've decided not to go there. But I love their company. I knocked the door to Zayn opening it and pulling me into a hug, "Hey girl" he smiled "Hello Zayn" i smiled back as we went into the kitchen, Louis was sitting there beside Liam "Holy shit, Your like me! in a girl version with blonde hair!" Louis shouted, "I know!!" I laughed, he umped up and ran over to me and pulled me into a hug "Have you packed?" Liam asked me "yep have all ye?" i asked back. "Everyone except Nialler" Harry came into view, "where is he?" i asked "his room" Louis said "thanks Lou, i'll go help him" I smiled. I went up stairs to Niall's room, I walked in he wasn't in there , The shower was on, I guessed he was in there. I flopped down on his bed and looked through my twitter feed, I decided to tweet  "Cannot wait for tour with these boyo's couldn't meet nicer people!" and I tweeted a picture of me and the boys. Just then Niall walked out and lept "Jesus, Kelly you scared the life out of me" he laughed "I  try Nialler, I try" I laughed he laughed. "So Mr horan why haven't you started packing?" I asked "wasn't bothered" he flopped down beside me on the bed "well get dressed and i'll help you Irish" I laughed, he rolled over on top of me "your Irish too!" he started to tickle me "Niall,Your wet and in a towel and naked!" i shouted "you like it Kell" he leaned down and kissed me, then it turned passionate and I pulled away "we should pause Niall" I said pushing his chest away, he got up "sorry, I um didn't um" he stuttered starching his head, "it's fine Ni, get dressed" I said smiling at him,"don't look" he smirked, I turned. He got dressed and we started to pack, about half three, we finally finished. "Come on we'll go get food" I smiled at him and we went down stairs "you guys want any food?" I smiled t the boys that were sitting on the L-shaped couch, "what you making?" Liam asked, "chicken" I smiled, All their faces lit up and then I got "yes" in unison. I took out the chicken fillets and started to cook them.

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