Broken Pages

Sara and Zayn have been separated and Sara is on the edge of a cliff and it seems falling is the only answer. Laney and Liam get into trouble and Ereni comes back.. Can Zayn and the boys save Sara from falling, or will she be pushed to the end of life??


3. Tied Up

Harry's POV I started freaking out, hoping she was still alive. Then I got dizzy. I was feeling sick, and I saw she was being punished. It was like a flashback that came to just me. I could see her, Alex, a man, and a woman. They were beating her. I fell to the floor and then I Was back in reality. I looked up, The boys surrounding my motionless body. Laney gave me a hand and I got up. "You alright?" "Yeah... Sara's in.... Trouble" "lets follow the trail" we followed the trail to a door which had scratch marks on the side of it. It was locked. Everyone tried to pound through it other than Liam. "Move over amatuers. This is a job for Liam" he pounded through the door and it came open, falling with a big thud. He looked at Laney, and told her to stay up by the stairs to watch out. She nodded. We all walked down, Zayn first, me second, Liam third, Niall fourth, and Louis fifth. We walked down and saw her tied up in a corner. I ran to her and she was screaming. She has blood running down her arm, Onto the chair, and on the floor. She was tied up. Her mouth was covered with rope. I undid it from the back and she screamed out "HARRY IT'S A TRAP!!" Then I saw a man twice the size of me who looked firmiluar and he punched me. I fell to the ground, groaning. Sara was screaming for him to stop as the guy was kicking me in the chest. Liam ad Niall came and started punching the guy. He chuckled and whistled, more guys coming. Niall and Liam put up a fight, but they were caught within minutes. Then I heard footsteps come down the stairs it was Louis. "LOUIS GO WHILE YOU CAN!" Sara screamed but people already caught him. Zayn was the last one left. They punched him and be fell to the floor. A smaller guy picked him up and put him in a chair, tying him up also. I started to get dizzy and then I saw black. Sara's POV Everyone was trapped. Harry passed out and I was about to also. Alex walked up to me and said "how pathetic! Your friends aren't strong enough to save you. How sad. I guess they can't stop us can they?" He was now talking louder. "Don't fucking touch them Alex! Take me instead" I yelled at him and I was crying now. Zayn was passed out and Louis wasn't in sight anymore. Liam was left and Niall passed out from being kicked in the stomach too many times. "Oh I will take you" he walked over to Zayn who was now half here and half not. "I guess your girlfriend got you into this." Zayn spit in his face. Alex wiped it off and smacked him, and then pulled a fun on him. I started screaming and crying. Then I saw Laney come down armed with a knife. She hit Alex making him drop the gun and fall forward. She lunged for the gun and pointed at the bigger guy holding Liam. She shot him in the chest and he fell backwards. The girl hit the fun out of her hands and slapped Laney. Liam screamed for her to toss the knif to him. Alex pushed the girl back and said "ill take it from here" I looked at Liam, a devistated look on his face. Alex's POV This girl killed one of my men. I pushed my girl back and got in her face. "Your turn" I went to shoot her, but Sara stopped me. "Wait!" "When do I get to have some fun?!" "Leave her alone. She didnt do anything to you, take your anger out on me." She had blood tears coming down her face. "I know you want me, let them go." "I want you first" I looked at the girl and told Kaylee (the girl working with Alex) to tie up the other girl with Liam In a chair. She nodded and did so. Zayn was now conscious. She was looking at him when I forced her to look at me. "What shall we do first?!" I told her. "Anything if you let them go" she said firmly. I sat on her and started to kiss her neck. She wasn't moaning so I but it. A scream came out satisfying me. Sara's POV I should've known he was going to do this to me. I was looking at Zayn biting my lip to keep the moans in. Zayn mouthed "I'm sorry." Alex but my neck and I screamed. A tear fell from my eye and I mouthed back "I love you" Alex let go and my neck was in pain. He looked at Kaylee and said "look for a room down here. I want Zayn to know how I make her feel" she nodded and I started crying. Liam and Laney were talking to each other silently thinking of ideas. "And shut those 2 up!" He yelled. Kaylee yelled "SHUT UP!" And they both did. Zayn started talking to Alex. "Please don't do this to her. She does t deserve it" "yes she does. Running away from me for so long and not coming back. This is payback." Alex chuckled and went back to my neck. "Do as I say or I will kill your little friends, all of them" I nodded and he untied me. "Runaway and he's dead" he reminded me. He told me to grind on him. I did as told. I kno this was hard for Zayn to watch. "Moan my name slut" "oh Alex" "louder!" His voice got louder and scared me. I screamed his name and he swatted at my bum, making me help. "Now go to the room!" Kaylee guided me to the room, our storage room. My old bed was down here. I knew I should've put it in the junk pile before this happened. He pushed me on the bed making a squeaky sound. "I'm gonna fuck you senseless you won't be able to remember your name!" He closed the door. It was nearly pitch black in here. I felt a pair of hands tie mine above my head. I was begging him not t do this. He tipped my shirt ard tore my pants off. I heard him undo his belt and take his shirt off. Then I heard a pair of pants hit the floor. Dear god, please help me.
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