Broken Pages

Sara and Zayn have been separated and Sara is on the edge of a cliff and it seems falling is the only answer. Laney and Liam get into trouble and Ereni comes back.. Can Zayn and the boys save Sara from falling, or will she be pushed to the end of life??


10. Phony

Sara's POV


i woke up early the next morning feeling much better than the last. Zayn wasn't beside me on the couch. I got up and crawled off of the couch. It hurt to walk and I didn't want to fall so I crawled to the kitchen. I saw a pair of legs and I looked up to find Liam in just boxers. "Uhh what are you doing down the Sara?" "Nothing" I whispered and backed up. "Beep beep beep" I heard footsteps behind me so I stopped making sounds affects. "Hello kitten" I heard zayn say. "Meow" I said laughing. He picked me up and put me on the counter and then saw Liam. "Go put some pants on mate! We don need to see that!" He chuckled and then looked back at me. "Whatever. Your girlfriend was enjoying it" I looked at Zayn and he looked at me confused. "What Liam no! I was not!" I was whispering yet yelling. "You loved it last night didn't you?! You were screaming my name. OH LIAM FASTER!" He mimicked Laney. "Liam, I'm not Laney!" Zayn looked at me. "Nothing happened Zayn!" "Liam what else happened? I woke up early and saw se wasn't with me." "What zayn no!" He moved from in front of me and then went to Liam. "She walked in while Laney was taking a shower and we fucked nice and hard" I felt tears ready to roll down my eyes. "Your going to believe your mate over me, your girlfriend zayn?!" "I've known him longer" he left the room and Liam and I were left. The tears started to fall when Liam walked over to me and then zayn walked out the front door, his phone in hand. Liam watched his car go by and then checked his pants. He started to palm them and then looke back up at me. "Liam stop no, I don't like you like that" he chuckled. "I've seen the way you look at me" he picks me up and throws me on the floor harshly. I try to crawl away but it's useless. He got on top of me and pinned me to the floor. "Liam stop!" I was now yelling in his face when he smacked me harshly making everything move. I looked at him and there were 3 of him. "Z-zayn" I whimpered. "He's gone!" He then got up and grabbed a spatula from the counter. I took it as my change to attempt to run. I got up and limped to Zayns room and locked it. Liam was running after me when I slammed the door on him. He fell backwards and I locked it and fell to the floor. I felt more tears rushing down my cheeks. I eventually got up and found the home phone. I called zayn. "Zayn come home please" "no! You as Liam fcked last night! That's why I couldn't sleep!!" "I promise we didn't zayn. Please" "whatever" "don't hang up please" I burst into more tears. "Why are you crying?" I think he realised I was hurt. "It's Liam. He's trying to hurt me Zayn. That's why I called you. Please come help!" Liam banged on the door and I screamed. "I will make you mine!!!" "Zayn please the door won't hold him forever I'm in your room" then the door fell to the floor, dust flying everywhere. "Zayn!" Liam took the phone away from me and said "she's mine now Malik!" "Mate don't! I don't want to hurt you!" "Too late" then he threw the phone to the wall making it shatter into what Seemed like a million pieces. He threw me around the room and then got his fist ready. "Your gonna love this" he chuckled. 


Zayns POV

"your gonna love this" he said to her, his fist high in the air. "No she's not" I said before holding his fist and punching him in the stomach. He groaned and fell to the floor. I sat there punching him for maybe 5 minutes when I heard Sara say "stop it your gonna kill him!" I pulled off of him and went to Sara, hugging her tightly. Then we heard 2 laughs tha sounded firmiliar. "And te time when she...." I walked out, Sara close to me. "Liam?" "What's up mate? Whoa? What happened here..?" "You happened here!" I yelled. "Mate I was out with Laney! There's no way I was here and there!" "Then explain this!" I walked them to my room and there he was lying faintly. Sara felt warm but I wanted t know who did this to her. Liam bent down and investigated. He went to grab his hair when he got up and it fell off. I kicked him and he fell back down. Sara looked at me. "Not now darlin' I'm busy!" I hushed her and continued to find out what just happened. Sara's grip didn't seem so tight.  I looked back to her and she was pale. "Z-zayn" she said before loosing grip and failing backwards, me catching her and bringing her down softly. "What's wrong now?" Laney asked. "I don't know." I picked her up and took her back to te hospital. She wasnt responding t any tests. Then a doctor walked in and said "she only has tonight"

tonight tonight tonight tonight.

it was repeated in my mind. I felt like loosing consciousness when I felt a few pairs of hands on me. I looked up and saw the boys. My last day with her and its ending like this.

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