Broken Pages

Sara and Zayn have been separated and Sara is on the edge of a cliff and it seems falling is the only answer. Laney and Liam get into trouble and Ereni comes back.. Can Zayn and the boys save Sara from falling, or will she be pushed to the end of life??


4. Distant😓

Zayns POV


I Could hear Saras ceys get distant, nearly silent. Kaylee was starring at me. When she looked away, I moved closer to Liam and Laney. The other boys were still unconscious. I knew what Alex was going to do to her, I knew she was afraid and scared of what was going to happen. Then I heard the bed hitting the wall. I couldn't stop it. This was my fault. I heard Sara screaming and crying for me and the boys. I finally got reached Laney and Liam. Liam untied the ropes and I moved back over to my original spot. Kaylee looked at me and said to stop moving. I nodded and then got up, and forced her to the ground. She yelled for Alex, but he wasnt listening. Liam and Laney tilted the chair to break it and got up getting the ropes off of them. I heard saras cries get louder and moans come out of her mouth. She was still yelling for me. Liam grabbed Kaylee and put her on my chair and tied her up and covered her mouth with rope. Laney and Liam made their way to the room, but Sara wasnt screaming anymore. Nothing was happening. Then I heard the door open and feet hitting the floor. We all hid and he walked in, blood on his hands, sweating and inhaling loudly. Liam took a pipe from the ground and hit him with it, making him fall forward. "I'll go get Sara!" "No, I'll get her, you get the boys to get up and get into the car. We're going to the hospital" I ran to The room, her pale, motionless body lying on the bed. Tears were rolling down my face. I ran over to her and picked up her head. "Z-Zayn" she murmured. "I'm here darlin' don't leave me. I'll take care of you. I'm here" she smiled and a tear fell from her white face. "I'm s-sorry I got you into t-this m-mess" "it's okay baby girl. It's over with. Just stay with me" "I-" "you what?" "I love you" I picked her up and carried her out of the room. Liam had all the guys in the car and told me they were ready. We were off to the hospital, speeding. She was getting further away from me. She was getting more distant than I thought. I was loosing her, and fast. 

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