Better Than Words

Every Directioner knows that Niall Horan looks for his future wife in the crowd! Well, Lucy is that lucky lost princess Niall has been looking for! In the middle of the concert Niall spots her out from the other 15,000 fans in the crowd! When Lucy gets up to leave she spots him leaving and hands him a note! Little did Niall know that she can't speak! So has Niall found his lost princess even though she's a mute or will her condition make him still be on the search? Read to find out


8. Dreadful News

Chapter: 8

Niall's POV:

It was literally 4:00 in the morning. The doctor had came back two more times saying she was still under. I went to get some coffee for all of us. When I came back with six cups of coffee the doctor came back. "Lucy is still in a coma but she can see visitors now." He said smiling before walking off. We all got up and we walked into her room. She laid there sleeping as the heart monitor beeped at a pretty consistent. I walked over to her and held her hand. She didn't grasp mu hand, it was just like a flat platform. I sobbed into the crook of her neck. I looked up, eyes blood shot red. "I'm so sorry." I whispered before kissing her cheek.

I held onto her hand as her mum came and did her fair share of tears. The doctor walked in and had told us that she would be in a coma for some time and that there's no accurate time she'll wake up from this. My heart sank into my stomach when hearing this. Why? Why did I say it? Why could I have kept my mouth shut? Why was I so stupid?!

I had sat next to Lucy's bed holding her hand when I felt someone touch my shoulder. I looked over seeing Zayn. "Were gonna head home, alright?" He said as I saw him and the others eyes full of sleep. I nodded my head and turned back to Lucy. Her mum was pacing the floor and kept her hand over her mouth. She finally came back to Lucy and I and started stroking her cheek very lightly. Tears stained my eyes along with her mums. "It's all my fault..." I mumbled loud enough for her to hear. "What's your fault Niall?" She asked curious now. "This. Lucy's being here in this condition! If I didn't say it she wouldn't have done what had brought her here." I said sniffling then wiping the tears away from my eyes. "What she did isn't your fault Niall. She's the one who had cut herself. It's not like you took the blade and sliced her. That was all her." She said comforting me. "It's still is." I said. "I had told her something that lured her into doing it." I said looking at my feet not letting go of Lucy's hand.

Lucy's mum just looked at me. "Niall what did you tell my daughter!" She said raising her voice a little. "....When Lucy was crying on the porch I was holding her and rubbing her back telling her to stop crying. I didn't know why she was crying so I asked the most stupidest thing. I asked if she wanted to write down the reason she was crying. I guess she took it offensive and thought I was making fun of her by asking to write down her feelings then expressing them." I said still looking at my feet. Her mum sighed and walked over to me. She gave me a hug and when she let go she began to speak; "Niall, you didn't say anything stupid. She just took it the wrong way. I would be more mad if you asked her to tell you by speaking." She said smiling and then looked at Lucy who looked so lifeless but then again full of life. Her chest moved up and down very slowly and she never moved. I looked at her arm where she had cut to see it all wrapped up but blood seeped through the wrap. She looked so pale! Her glowing skin was now a pale white. Why couldn't she just wake up!

Lucy's POV:

I heard voices, but very faint and couldn't make out the words and who it was. All I could see was black and nothing else. I missed Niall. I wonder if he's even in the same room as me. I can't feel anything and it scares me! I don't know where I am! If I'm in my mind or heaven. All I saw was just black but I kept walking. It's so black I don't even know if I'm walking fowards, backwards, or sideways. There's no breeze and it doesn't feel like there's any air but it's cold. I just kept walking till I saw a light. Is that heaven or am I waking up. The light got bigger as I walked closer. It looked like a sunset peeking about some grassy hills. I walked faster till I was running. It felt as if I was on an endless route to the light as if I was on a treadmill. The light kept getting bigger but I never reached it! Was this a little game or something? Why can't I go to the light?

Niall's POV:

"CLEAR!" The doctor said before zapping her with the paddles. Lucy's chest jumped and went back down. The heart monitor was still beeping a long stressful beep. I bit my nails and tapped my foot impatiently. "CLEAR!" The doctor said before zapping Lucy again. Oh my gosh why isn't she waking up! I held onto her hand when the doctor zapped her again. I still heard the long beeping. Why does it have to be me? The first time I ever found my princess since the band and now God is taking her away! Why? Why? Why?! Why is heaven so impatient! Why can't they wait just please let me hold her one last time! I miss her....I love her.

Lucy's POV:

I still kept trying to run to the light when I felt a jolt in my chest making me stop in my tacks an hold in my chest for comfort. I fell to my knees when I felt it again and the light slowly was disappearing. I reached my hand out hoping to touch it when I felt another zapping pain in my chest making me clench onto my chest again. Soon it was all dark again and I didn't see the light anymore and I began to walk again and again not knowing what direction I was walking in. I sighed, a little disappointed that I didn't go to the light. That light could of been the exit and my way back to Niall and my family. I sobbed but I didn't feel the tears. All I could feel was the pain in my heart knowing I never might see Niall again. Why does this have to happen?

Lucy's Mum's POV:

I saw Niall grasping onto my daughters hand. I felt bad for him and for myself of course but he had just met her. It was getting late and I was exhausted so I grabbed some blankets from a nurse and have one to Niall. "Time to rest." I said sleep in my voice. He looked at Lucy his hand still in hers. "She isn't going anywhere." I reassured him. I smiled and walked over to a chair next to Lucy's bed and rested. I was watching Niall stare at Lucy with his head in the back of the chair just starting at her pale lifeless face. My eyelids grew heavy and I fell asleep.

I woke up to see Niall awake still starring at her. I stretched and got up to walk over to Niall. I slightly tapped him making him jolt. "I thought you were the doctor." He said catching his breath. "And I thought you saw a ghost." I said laughing a little. "How'd you sleep last night?" I asked walking over to Lucy stroking her face and putting a lock of her golden hair behind her ear. "I wouldn't know....I never fell asleep." He said. "Lucy has been on my mind all night and still is. I just wonder what she's thinking about now." He said stroking his thumb across Lucy's motionless hand. "She's dreaming about you...she does all the time." I said sitting back down. I looked at my watch and nearly had a heart attack. "Oh my gosh! I have to be in work in an hour! I'm so sorry I have to go and work if Lucy wants these hospital bills paid off!" I said before kissing Lucy on the cheek and giving Niall a hug. "Here's my number. Text or call me if the doctor says anything!" I said and then walked out the door.

Niall's POV:

I looked at the card Lucy's mum handed me. It was like a business card. I looked over at Lucy and laid next to her holding her and burying my head into the crook of her shoulder. I bean crying silently. "Why did you have to leave me Lucy? Why?!" I cried until I heard someone come in. It was the doctor. "Hello, Mr....?" He asked. "Mr. Horan." I corrected him. "Yes, well we have a close accusation of how long Lucy will be like this." He said looking at me and then her then back at me. "Well, how long?!" I said. "Two weeks from today." He said before patting on my shoulder and walking out. My mouth was opened and I dropped to my knees replaying what the doctor just said; "Two weeks." "Two weeks." "Two." "Weeks!" I immediately called up her mum and told her everything.

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