Better Than Words

Every Directioner knows that Niall Horan looks for his future wife in the crowd! Well, Lucy is that lucky lost princess Niall has been looking for! In the middle of the concert Niall spots her out from the other 15,000 fans in the crowd! When Lucy gets up to leave she spots him leaving and hands him a note! Little did Niall know that she can't speak! So has Niall found his lost princess even though she's a mute or will her condition make him still be on the search? Read to find out


3. Confessions

Chapter: 3

Lucy's POV:

I tuned into the radio station Niall had told me to and listen to their interview. She had asked questions to all the boys but Niall and Louis. I texted Niall a good-luck text and I guess he got caught for trying to answer. "Niall are you okay?" Stacey had asked. "Oh, yes I had just got a text is all." Niall had answered "Ooh Niall who is she?" Stacey asked. "Um......" Niall paused for a second and then answered again.

"Her name is Lucy and she is the most amazing girl you could ever meet! She has the personality you hardly can find in a girl and those eyes that you can stare at for hours and could get lost in. She is sweet, funny, adorable, and just plain beautiful!"

I got teared eyed at me hearing this. I heard fans all awed in the back round which made my heart fill with warmth. "I have a question!" I heard a fan say in the back. "Yes ma'am?" Stacey had called on her. "I would like to talk to this little Lucy and want to know why she stole my Niall!" She had yelled. I froze in my spot on the couch and thought I would embarrass myself knowing I can't talk! "That won't be possible." Niall had said. "Why is that?" She had asked. I didn't hear anything and I texted Niall. can tell them :) you made me feel more confident.

I had waited for Niall to read it and tell the world about my condition. I was biting my nails when I heard Niall started to speak. "The reason you can't speak to her is because she has what is called Aphasia. Aphasia is when people can speak, read or write but what she is called is a mute which means she can't speak at all only read and write. She is very insecure about it and didn't want to tell me." I smiled at his response. "So let me get this straight, you had pick a freak over all of these girls who could actually talk to you?" She asked snickering. "No, I picked a beautiful girl over rude cold hearted people like you!" He answered. "Niall all she is is just a freak who can't ever say I love you! How would you know if she even loves you! She can't say it so why would you believe it? Shes a freak, just a girl who can't speak and has a weird condition!" I cried a little at her sentence and started agreeing with her. "THATS IT! IM DONT WITH THIS INTERVEIW! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL YOURSELF A TRUE DIRECTIONER! ALL YOU ARE IS A COLD HEARTED BRAT!" I heard Niall yell. I wanted to call him but couldn't. We weren't even dating! I just texted him;

Hey Niall. Wanna come over to calm down? Here's my address:)

I sent the text and waited for him to reply. The time began to go by slower and slower as I waited. I began to doze off when I felt my phone buzz in my hand scarring me a little. I opened up my message and read Niall's text;

Sure thing gorgeous ;) I would love to hang out with you and your beautiful self :)

I smiled at my screen. And soon replied with a simple smiley face and a yay. I ran up to my room to freshen up while Niall was on his way here. I was still in my P.J.'s and looked like a troll! I picked out a casual outfit: yoga pants, a 1D T-Shirt and some fuzzy socks. It wasn't as bad as my P.J.'s and plus I was inside all day so I wanted to stay comfortable. I walked down stairs realising the house was a DISASTER!!! I ran all around my house cleaning and picking up everything I could filly hands with and putting it away. Everything looked in better shape when I heard the doorbell ring. My heart was pacing and it became hard to breathe. I walked up to the door and dust off my clothes as I opened the door to see.....

Niall's POV:

I was so mad! No, furious! I can't believe that we have fans who just hate hate hate! I was filled with so many emotions I didn't know what to feel! I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I looked at the message. It was from Lucy. She had must heard the whole interview! From where I was telling how amazing she was 'till I went off at the girl. She must hate me right now after hearing what I had said. I read the message she sent. She was inviting me over to her house! My mood brighten up a bit when reading this. I answered her and had let the boys know where I was off to. I couldn't wait to meet her again! I had drove over to the address she had texted me and decided to turn on the radio.

".....has Niall found his lost princess?" I heard the man say over the radio. "A Miss. Lucy was reported to be an amazing girl to Niall in an interview earlier today. Directioners I wouldn't keep your hopes up for to long for Niall seems to have his heart to someone els!" He had said. "This Lucy from what we know is a girl with a medical condition that won't allow her to speak." "Is Niall just saying these little things to make her feel less insecure since she doesn't know she's beautiful? Or are all these comments about her from Niall the truth that he actually thinks she is an amazing girl?" He had asked before a song came on. I punched my steering wheel as I realised people think I don't mean the things I say. I honestly think, wait no. I honestly KNOW she's an amazing girl with a beautiful soul! She could be an angel for all I know! She makes me feel happy and loved and....and.... I love her!


Not the longest chapter. Sorry :( next chapter will be longer promise! Stay beautiful

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