Love me

Sarah used to like the 16-18 year old Bieber, but now? No, she doesn't like him. He's too bad for her to like. She likes bad boys... But Justin's, more than bad. They meet, and he sees her.. She looks his way and nods, she's disappointed that everything changed him so fast. He's confused. She's just walking the streets of L.A. But what happens when he changes, for her? Keep reading to find out!


2. The Mall

Sarah's POV

Today is December the 22nd, 2013. 

I woke up to the strange sound of screaming. 

"What Happened!!" I say to my older sister. I probably look ugly as hell right now cause I just woke up. But I didn't care, we partied hard last night, and I have a major headache.

I see my sister run into my room and and tumble onto my bed. "GUESS WHAT!" She said looking crazy but happy as ever.

I squint my eyes and bring my lower lip out making it look like a puppy dog face pout. Yep, that's my thinking face. I raised my eyebrows and looked at her. "You got a new boyfriend?" I said sarcasticly knowing that she specifically wants to be with someone from the UK. I know it's weird but maybe you have the same likings as her.

She gave a me a poker face and said, "Why would I be so happy about that anyway?!" She laughed. I shrugged and said 'what is it then?'. She looked at me and then said with a smirk "The Biebs is in town." She waited for my reaction.

I gave her a quick smile and said, "And why would I care about that?" I asked knowing she'd say something like 'well you know you love him and all', but I don't see what the big deal is.

"Well, he's looking for dancers for his new music video! And you love to dance!! I know, you like to model, but remember the old times? Where you'd dance in front of a whole crowd in the school auditorium?!" She said having hope in her eyes that I'd go with it and be a dancer for Justin's video. 

"I know, and yes I rememeber. But I don't like him like I used to! And you know his songs are dirty now! Which means the video will be too!" I said giving her a please-don't-make-me- do it look. 

"Come on!! It'll be fun!" She said begging.

"Nope! Im not doing it." I said simply.

"Fine then, I will!" She said while getting up and off my bed. 

"Okay. Well I'm hungry! Let's go eat iHop! On me!" I said with a smile.

"Okay, let me shower really quick though, I'll be ready in.... 45 minutes?" She said while looking at the clock. "Yep, so at 8:48am!" She said while running out of my room to go to hers to get ready.

I got out of my bed and slipped my pink fluffy polka dot slippers on and walked to my bathroom.  I took off my pjs and got in the shower with a high bun in my hair, so my hair wouldn't get wet. I washed every where and shaved my arms and legs. I then got out of the shower quickly, turned the water handles off and wrapped my white fluffy towel around my torso. I looked in the mirror and smiled to see my dimple. I got my make up supplies out and left the bathroom to go into my room. I locked the door and looked for my black lace Victoria's Secret bras and matching panties. I took my towel off and put that on. I put my pink rosey robe on put my hair naturally down and went to apply my makeup. I ended up putting a natural look on. 

I then left the room and looked for a black crop top along with my white shorts. I put those on once I found them and put black toms on. I looked for some bracelets to wear and put on WonderStruck perfume on. I then grabbed my iphone, money and a cardigan then I headed down stairs to wait for Vanessa, my sister, to come out. Meanwhile I went on Twitter.


8 Minutes Later


"READY!!" I heard her say from upstairs. She comes down and I examine her quickly, she has black shorts on with a white crop top and a really cute gray vest. 

"I love your vest!" I say looking the designed patterns on it.

"Thanks" she said smiling looking down at it.

"Okay let's go." I say while grabbing the keys to my new black Camary.

We head outside and see the sun shining. I thought winter was suppose to be cold :( . We drove to iHop and got inside. We ate and then when to the mall to buy some new belts shoes and shirts. 

We look over to the hat shop, it was hard not to look, I mean it was loud and flashy over there. It's hard to not look at something THAT distracting  

Vanessa quickly tapped my shoulder and said 'It's him!! LETS GO SAY HI OR SOMETHIN' GIRL!!', I smiled at her craziness over him and continued my shopping. She tapped me again and begged this time to go over there. I shrugged my shoulders and told her I'll meet her there since I had picked out some clothes, I had to buy them.

I left the shop when I was doing buying what I had picked. I went over to the store and look for her. I see Justin and he looks my way. I got suprised that someone that I used to 'love', is right infront of my eyes. 

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