Love me

Sarah used to like the 16-18 year old Bieber, but now? No, she doesn't like him. He's too bad for her to like. She likes bad boys... But Justin's, more than bad. They meet, and he sees her.. She looks his way and nods, she's disappointed that everything changed him so fast. He's confused. She's just walking the streets of L.A. But what happens when he changes, for her? Keep reading to find out!


6. Movie time

Justin's POV 

  Alright. So I'm driving to my house to watch a movie with Demi, Vanessa, and Sarah. Oh god. I really need to invite some of my friends. Maybe Ryan and Chaz? Lil Za and Lil Twist wouldn't wanna watch a movie.. So Ryan and Chaz it is. 

I pull out my Iphone so I could text them real quick while speeding at a reasonable speed in the neighborhood, to see if they could come over. I quickly make a group chat with them and text "Wanna come over and watch a movie?". I set my phone down and look in the rear mirror to see Sarah texting someone I guess.

When we reached my house, I parked in my parking garage nice and smoothly. I noticed Vanessa's facial reaction when she saw my house. I just chuckled. And of course since Demi has been here already, it's nothing she hasn't seen. Sarah was still on her phone. Not caring of what was surrounding her. 

I then get the text that Ryan and Chaz are coming over. I get relaxed because.. Just girls? Here at my house? They'll just wanna watch Chick Flicks and be sensitive. And I honestly don't know how to deal with tears if the girl isn't MINE... If she is.. I would comfort her and make her feel right.

So we all get out of my car and head to my front door. I take out my keys and swing them around my index finger, and unlock the door. 

"Ladies first." I say with a smile and make way for them to come in. When they come in, I see my house is a bit messy... My eyes widen and I just try to move everything away while leading them to my theater room. When we get there, that's ALSO messy! And I see some thing's I wouldn't want Sarah to see. It even smells like alcohol! It's not so strong but still... I wonder if she thinks bad of me now..


Sarah's POV

When I walked into Justin's house you could tell he had a party recently.. and when I walked into his theater room I knew what had happened at that party now. Sex, drugs, and alcohol. I'm soo done. To think this kid could actually change and be a good man. Ha, well I thought. 

Now that I have to sit on these chairs, that had used condoms on them a few seconds ago.. I am disgusted. I can't even, oh my god, I might as well sit on the floor.


Justin's POV


I saw that Sarah knew what went up in here.. But it wasn't just me doing stuff here! Ugh, -- I heard the door bell ring and said, "Okay, I'll be right back, make your selfs comfortable." I say with a warm smile. When I left the theater room I heard Sarah say "Well, can't do that." 

I just sighed and went to go see who it was. It was Chaz and Ryan.

They walked in and gave me a bro hug. I hugged back and closed the door. 

"How you been?" Said Ryan. I responded with the usual, "I'm doing great," I said while walking to where the girls were. "And you guys?" I finished off. They said they were doing good too. We laughed and made jokes while walking there. When I opened the door to the theater room, I saw Sarah sitting on the floor with her knees close up to her face and I saw Demi and Vanessa sitting on the theater chairs. Ryan looked like he didn't know they were here, which he didn't and Chaz just smiled.

"Hey, these are my friends, Ryan and Chaz, and guys these are my other friends, Demi, Vanessa, and Sarah..." Once I said that they all greeted each other and Chaz sat next to Sarah.. Well I have 5 seats here. And 4 are being taken now including me. He might as well sit on one and Sarah can sit on my lap.. Like that'll happen.. 

"So what movie do you guys wanna watch?" I said to them.

"Well which ones do you have?" Said Demi, and Vanessa agreed with her question by saying 'yeah'.

"These.." I said while grabbing a tablet from the wall. I moved through the movies while showing them to them on the big screen and suggested watching a funny movie.. I would have picked scary, but I dont know it's mostly just friends here and Sarah.

They all agreed to watching the movie, except Chaz.. so I put it on and looked at Sarah while walking back to my seat. I mean huh, Sarah and Chaz are sitting next to each other. Putting a scary movie would have been a mistake. 

30 minutes into the movie and I'm mostly just watching Sarah with Chaz. They've been talking about the movie and laughing. I just sigh loudly every time they speak. You may think its rude but hey, he's slowly gonna take what's suppose to be mine.




A/N: Hey guys! I hope your enjoying the story so far. 

 Do you want Chaz to get first dibs on Sarah? Or Justin? 

Will justin and Chaz get into a fight soon? Or will they just work it out and Chaz will understand? 

Tell me what you think! :) Byee guyss! 

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