Love me

Sarah used to like the 16-18 year old Bieber, but now? No, she doesn't like him. He's too bad for her to like. She likes bad boys... But Justin's, more than bad. They meet, and he sees her.. She looks his way and nods, she's disappointed that everything changed him so fast. He's confused. She's just walking the streets of L.A. But what happens when he changes, for her? Keep reading to find out!


5. Flappy Bird

Justin's POV 

So I try to be the good guy I am, and kiss Sarah's cheek but she rejects it? Come on now. I'm only being the way I am with Vanessa to get Sarah jealous! Because even when a girl doesn't like you, and you show that you like her and your being flirtier with the other, they get jealous! I like Vanessa too but Sarah seems more chill.. And I can't date someone that'll fangirl around me 24/7, that's just plain crazy. 

I just back away from Sarah and stand there with my hands in my pockets looking down. 

"So what are we doing today..?" I say looking up at Demi and Vanessa. Sarah could care less about what I have to say.. Then again I just met her... Maybe if she got to know me, she would like me! :D Now all I have to do is be friends with her and be friendly... Not that I wouldn't already be friendly... Then I could show signs that I like her when the time is right! Smart thinking Justin!


"Ummm, well do you guys feel hungry? Or wanna go out?" Demi said looking at all of us.

"Hmm yeah I guess we could go out, or we could watch a movie in my theater room?" I respond.

"Ooo that sounds nice" Demi said. Vanessa just agreed and Sarah shrugged her shoulders not caring about what we do.


Vanessa's POV


Omg.. Are we actually going to Justin's house?! This is AMAZINGG!! OMG. :D  I have to hide my crazy side though... But he has to like me for ME. 


"Okay let me go grab my sweater and I'll be right back!" Demi said to us.


Now it's just Sarah, Justin, and me.. All alone for 2 minutes... 


Justin just looked like he had something in mind and Sarah looked as if she had nothing to do.. So she pulled out her phone and started playing Flappy Bird. (The game Flappy Bird may be old to you now but.... I dont know I just want something in the story that they can talk about so.. :P) 


While Sarah was playing and lost after 31 seconds, Justin finally spoke.

"What's your high score?" He asked Sarah. Obviously he's just trying to be friendly and start a convo.. It's not like it should matter, this is a boring conversation so far.. I mean he likes me.. Right?!

"63, I'm bad at this." Sarah responded. Justin just said 'oh' and said that he's worse cause his highest is 47.

Demi came back FINALLY.. And we left in Justin's car. He would take us back later. 

Inside Justin's car is .. Like amazing! Perfect A/C, nice leather seats, a good scent, and good radio stations recorded :) I sat in the passengers seat and Sarah sat behind Justin. And Demi behind me. I feel like Justin might not like me.. Maybe my sister.. Ugh. You know what, I'll be irresistible next time he sees me.. But besides.. Sarah doesn't like him! So I think I have nothing to worry about...



A/N: Hey guys! Sorry if this Chapter is short... The next chapter will be good.. :)


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