Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


3. MY prom dress!!!!!!

Alex (POV)

I woke up laying on top of Jamie he looks so cute when he's asleep I'm still not sure why he picked me he could have had one of the pink barbies the hottest girls in school but no me plain boring old Alexa ( my really name I hate it though) oh well, I need to arrange with Lexie what colour I'm going to be wearing for the prom, I know already what Lexie will be wearing she will either wear black or red or dark blue she's a bit of a goth/emo she listens to depressing music and when she first came to live with us she has scares all up her wrists and marks on them i guess if all your immediate family died and no-one in your family wants you it's only normal, I got off Jamie's lap desperately trying not to wake him I didn't work he's such a light sleepier I'm only small but I make so much noise getting up, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him I said "poo bear I need to get breakfast on before Tyler and Lexie wake up" (btw poo bear that's what I call Jamie and he calls me tigger because I used to do trampolining at my club and I call him poo bear because he loves hunny he won't let me tell anyone that it would make him look soft ) he let go of my wrist but then kissed my hand my total weak spot it makes me tingle all over silly I know right once he had moved his lips away from my hand he replied "okay tigger but make sure I get a little reward after" I nodded my head and walked down stairs towards the kitchen, I opened the cupboard ready to get the hunny out when I place my hands round the cold slippery jar I pulled it out of the cupboard and dropped it, it made such a loud sound it rang in my ears for what felt like forever that was Jamie's favourite hunny you could only get it from America where Jamie comes from he gets his grandad to send it over to him when he runs out, I heard Jamie coming down the stairs all in a panic he shouted to me "are you okay tigger" I froze and broke into tears I slid down the side of the counter and into the corner and just cried

Jamie's (POV)

I heard a loud thud and Alex crying I was panicking what if someone was on there so many thoughts were going through my head I was stuck mid way down the stairs I was just standing there what if Alex was hurt I stopped thinking and just ran down the stairs and into the kitchen the first thing I saw was glass everywhere and sticky stuffs surrounded the floor then I heard Alex crying and whimpering I walked into the kitchen trying to avoid the glass that was scattered every where I saw Alex huddled in the corner eyes all red a puffy tears streamed down her cheeks she has bits of glass stuck in her foot she just kept saying "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" I ran over and said "it's okay tigger I need to get u cleaned up" " but what about your h...hunny " she mumbled " I told her hunny didn't me anything if she was upset or hurt" I picked her up and carried her wedding style up the stairs and into the bathroom and laid her into the bath I got some tissue and ran it under cold water until it was a bit wetter than damp I rub the tissue in the same direction towards the door she whimpered a little bit but as soon all the glass was out I picked her up and out of the bath she place her feet back onto the floor and leaned towards me she pecked my lips and walked away, she's such a tease as she walked away she turned around and gestured me towards her I was like a lost puppy that had just found a owner but she's so damn hot you just can't resist her ughhhhh look what she does to me I followed her into her room she sat down on her bed and so did I she stood back up and to my surprise she sat on me in straddle then pushed me down onto the bed she was laying on top of me she Started to kiss me and soon it broke out into a full snog about 2 minutes later she rolled next to me so she was laying on her back on the bed she was out if breath and so was I she turned to me and softly said "I'm really sorry about dropping you hunny my hero" i started to blush I could feel my cheeks getting redder and redder is spoke in a low voice

" it okay my princess tigger, I did it because I love you" the words came out my mouth I had never said I love you to her

Alex's (POV)

He just said i love you my jaw was almost hitting the floor even Tyler and Lexie hadn't said I love you to each other and they had been going out for 5 months me and Jamie was a new thing 2 month we have been going out, I tried to reply but he stood up and walked out before I could he ran back down stairs and out the front down I heard it slam behind him, I ran to the window he walk down the road then stopped and started talking to this blond girl they hugged and she kissed him on his cheek I took pictures of what had happened I felt the tears welling up in my eyes I ran into Lexie's room I ran over to her and woke her up at the same time I woke Tyler up too he picked up his hand and slapped me...!!!!

Lexie's POV

He slapped Alex it left a red mark but she didn't seen to care but I did so I moved my hand down to where his dick was I clenched my fisted and hit him as hard as I could he instantly sat up fans grabbed hold of it he wined out in pain I could see that Alex was in pain I jumped out of bed kissed Tyler on the fore head and ran after Alex who had just left the room she told me what happened that he just walked out after he said I love you then she pulled out her iPhone her hands were shaking she began to cry I took her phone and looked through the photos and saw him and this blond girl I was so angry but I decided I need to be there for Alex we stayed on her bed all day looking through all old photos that made her smile then I started talking about what she was going to wear for prom and who she was going to go with her face instantly light up as soon as she heard prom.

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