Battle scars

My name is Lexie I have no parents no siblings and no family, my best friend Alex has two brothers one called Justin who is the oldest ( 1 year older than me and Alex) and the other called Ben who is Alex's twin brother, my life goes from happy to depressing


13. Lexie's POV

I sat on the bathroom floor and just cried I pulled out my mobile I had a message from Tyler

'Next time tomorrow babe, I'll be able to finish my art work then we can do something more fun ;) xxxx'

I started to reply

To: Tyler

Stop calling me babe and no I'm not with you anymore so just leave me alone

From: Lexie

In a few minuets later he replied

To: Lexie

Sorry not going to happen and I have already taken care of your little ' boyfriend ' BABE

From: Tyler

I ran back down stairs the police was everywhere. I told them I was fine then showed them the texts the police women said that they need my phone for a little while and to go and stay with a relative who Tyler doesn't know for the time being, tears started to flood down my cheeks I ran to the kitchen to see Jamie and Alex swallowing each other I walked into the kitchen and shouted


Then they pulled away from each other and Alex said

"This is my house not your, your just a foster child that shouldn't be here"

I felt tears welling up in my eyes I walked to the back door and sat on the back door step I started to cry I wanted my mum here to hug me tell me it's okay Justin's mad at me because he found out I cut, my best friend hates me, my thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, it was Jamie why did I want to see him he sat down next to me and said

"I know I'm not the person that you really want to see but why did you snap at Alex"

I broke back in to tears he put his arm round me and I cried into his shoulder for about 3 minuets when he repeated his question

" lex why did you snap at me and Alex?"

I wiped the tears away then I started to tell him why

"Well the boy I have like for 5 years has just found out that I used to cut, my ex boyfriend is abusing and stalking me then I see you too snogging and it made me feel like you didn't care at all about me"

He smiled at me and said

"Of course we care it's just Alex was upset and I kissed her and told her it's okay then we started to make out then you walked I"

I was kind of confused

" I thought you hated me?"

" no it was just a act' this is kind of embarrassing but... I have kind of like you for a year"

Then I kissed him on the lips then he pulled me behind the wall I was pined up against the walls we was only kissing when his tung touched the bottom of my lip I immediately opened my mouth and we broke to into a snog, it was going on for about 7 maybe 8 minuets when Jamie got a text it was from Alex

To: Jamie

Hey poo bear, I was just wondering how it was going with lex and if it's okay if I talk to her xxx

Love from: Alex

We was both still trying to catch our breath my heart was racing then he told me he had to go the he kissed me one last time fireworks were going off on my stomach then he walked away

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